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Kaleidos Studio is an italian enterprise that develops applications for mobile devices for Android and iOS. The app Natural Remedies combines our job, creating apps, and our passion for health and natural remedies and is the result of years of studies on scientific journals, specialized magazines and essays about this topic.
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Merano, via delle Piante 2/b, 39012, IT
She combines her passion for a natural lifestyle and her university studies, she has indeed a Master of Science degree in Physics and a PhD in Physics in the field of biophysics. Reading scientific articles, being updated with the latest scientific researches and testing new methods and recipes is since always her job that, we hope, has become useful to you.
Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering and passionate about web and technology since always. He is the creator of app Natural Remedies, of its code and of all the structure behind and that has allowed us to reach users all over the world. He is constantly working to make your experience in app Natural Remedies something great.
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