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Bath bombs, the relaxing and nourishing pampering
Video Bath bombs, the relaxing and nourishing pampering

Bath bombs, the relaxing and nourishing pampering

The day was very tiring but the water in the tub is warm and pleasant, waiting for you. You dive in and add a little special touch too, a bath bomb. The bath bomb immediately becomes effervescent, releasing perfumes, precious nourishing oils and cheerful colors around you. You can relax and enjoy the calming and soothing aroma of lavender, or the warm and joyful aroma of cinnamon, but also, why not, to the more balsamic aroma of eucalyptus. Meanwhile, butters and oils, such as sweet almond oil, take care of your skin, nourishing, protecting and strengthening it. In short, bath bombs are a real pampering for the skin and mood. Today let's see how to make them at home. The preparation is in fact very simple, you will need a few ingredients and in a moment, to the delight of children and adults, the bath bomb is ready. And the best part is that it is completely customizable, add the ingredients that suit you best! Are you feeling a little down? Then a little yellow dye and a touch of orange may be for you. Do you have irritated skin? Add shea butter and a little lavender! Do you want to feel like a real queen? Why not include some rose petals as well? There is no limit to the imagination!
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