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Christmas chocolate truffles
Video Christmas chocolate truffles

Christmas chocolate truffles

The crunchy dark chocolate coating encloses a soft heart, made with hazelnut paste and chocolate, the scent envelops the nostrils and the intense taste, sometimes buttery, seems to envelop the mouth in a riot of aromas. These are the chocolate truffles that we are going to make together! Simple to prepare and designed for everyone. In fact, we will not use butter, cream or white sugar in this recipe, but only a lot of dark chocolate, brown sugar and hazelnuts. In short, a delicacy made with a few ingredients, genuine and simple and that will delight everyone, adults and children. Writing this description, we still seem to feel the warm and fascinating scent of these beauties and our mouth is watering. Surely, these delights will not stay on your plate for long, we can assure you! And this is also our way to wish you all a Merry Christmas!
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