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Energy bars, raw and delicious
Video Energy bars, raw and delicious

Energy bars, raw and delicious

Oats, whole grains, raisins, sesame, sunflowers seeds, are very healthy foods, rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and mineral salts.
But how to eat them? In a nice bowl of yogurt, of course, but there is also another way, tasty and practical, the energy bars! So today let's see how to prepare delicious energy bars at home, made only with simple and healthy ingredients. In addition, the bars will be prepared without cooking so as not to alter the properties of cereals, honey and dried fruit. To complete the snack, a crunchy base in dark chocolate, which gives aroma and precious polyphenols. In short, energy bars are a healthy, nutritious, satiating snack that will delight everyone. The bars can be kept in the fridge for no more than seven days but we bet they will finish sooner… much sooner :-)!
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