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Fantasy soap bars for body and face
Video Fantasy soap bars for body and face

Fantasy soap bars for body and face

How many times have we found pieces of soap around the house that we no longer use? Or we have a soap in the closet that we just don't like due to its smell or color.
So why not rework these soaps and create new ones, colored, fragrant, cheerful and also nourishing and respectful for the skin? In fact, a few steps are enough to transform flakes of a soap that we don't like into something unique and precious. Just dissolve the soap, add the ingredients that best suit you and in a moment a new soap will take shape, for the face or body, suitable for dry or even mature or acne-prone skin. Follow the video where it is shown step by step how to rework the soap, play with aromas, vegetable or essential oils and free your imagination!
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