Homemade brewer’s yeast

Today we’ll prepare at home the brewer’s yeast! Step by step we’ll see how to self-produce this ingredient, really indispensable but sometimes, unluckily, not very easy to find in the supermarket. We’ll use flour, sugar and beer, but not just any beer, we need indeed the Hefe Weizen beer. This beer, that you can find in the shops, has the characteristic that the yeast, Hefe in German, hasn’t been filtered and stay on the surface. Here is why this will help us to make our brewer’s yeast to prepare pizza or focaccia. We tried to make focaccia, in the video we’ll give also the recipe, and the result left us really very satisfied. The rich and fragrant scent filled the nostrils while in front of us took form the focaccia, so soft and yummy. Well, a little experiment that you should try!
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