How aloe can bring benefits to our health, the recipe of Father Romano Zago
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How aloe can bring benefits to our health, the recipe of Father Romano Zago

Aloe arborescens is full of healthy properties, it boosts the immune system, is able to aid digestion and counteracts sour stomach, purifies the body but, first of all, it has a powerful antioxidant and anticancer action, demonstrated by scientific studies. In this video we will see how to take aloe according to the well-known recipe of Father Romano Zago, the Franciscan friar that spent many years studying aloe and its benefits. But how to get aloe arborescens? You can grow it at home, aloe can be a potted plant, requires little watering, during spring and summer can be placed in the garden or on the balcony while during cold seasons inside the house. Alternatively, it is possible to find aloe leaves, there are a lot of shops, also online, that can provide you with aloe leaves. The most important point is to be sure about the organic origin of the plant. You can also buy the drink prepared according to the recipe, it is a possibility especially if you cannot get a plant of aloe, but consider that the drink should be prepared by following a specific process that only the home made production can guarantee. Finally, if you don’t find aloe arborescens you can use aloe vera, as we did in the video. The properties are the same but the action is less deep and efficient, however, for a depurative effect at the change of the season, also aloe vera is indicated.
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