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How to make at home the vegetable bouillon cube
Video How to make at home the vegetable bouillon cube

How to make at home the vegetable bouillon cube

In the video of today we’ll prepare together the veggie stock cube, easy, genuine and healthy, able to give to your recipes a lot of taste! We’ll use vegetables, aromatic herbs, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil and in a short time here you go amazing bouillon cubes to keep in the refrigerator and ready to use every time.
You just have to add the stock cube to the water of the soup or on the vegetables and in a moment you’ll be able to feel a wonderful, fresh and tasty smell!
DIY bouillon cube allows you to use just season vegetables and to have the full control of all the ingredients. Stop to flavor enhancer such as the glutamate, so abundant in common stock cubes that you can find on the market and also considered a possible cause of obesity (Niaz et al, EXCLI J, 2018), and also stop to ingredients such as palm oil. Although the topic is still debated, it is believed that palm oil, due to its high content in saturated fatty acids, may be dangerous to the heart (Kadandale et al, Bull World Health Organ, 2019). Here for you a valid, and healthy, alternative to industrial bouillon cubes, watch the video and prepare with us the homemade veggie stock cube!
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