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Kariokes, the chocolate and walnut Christmas sweets
Video Kariokes, the chocolate and walnut Christmas sweets

Kariokes, the chocolate and walnut Christmas sweets

Christmas is coming, bringing to all of us joy, harmony but also scent of just baked pastries! Also here at Natural Remedies we are in the festive atmosphere and we have thought to prepare, for the video of today, a really special Christmas recipe, different from the usual, the kariokes! The kariokes are Greek sweets with chocolate and walnuts, really delicious and yummy as well as healthy and prepared with only genuine ingredients.
The recipe of kariokes was given to us by a friend from Athens, Iana. You can imagine our surprise when, just become grandma, Iana came to us with twinkling eyes and a tray full of kariokes, each of them wrapped in an aluminum foil to keep its aroma. Well, we liked the kariokes so much that we have thought to share them with you and to make them live in this video, that tastes like friendship, warmness and joy in giving, the values of Christmas.
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