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Micellar waters, beauty waters
Video Micellar waters, beauty waters

Micellar waters, beauty waters

Here for you another amazing DIY recipe for special homemade cosmetics! It’s so much fun to prepare by yourself your products and in addition to this you can have in this way the complete control of the ingredients and you can customize the product. Today you will see how to prepare a biphasic product, able to gently remove the make up, the excess of sebum and the impurities from the skin, and the micellar water with a high detergent power. To make this beauty treatment really wonderful we propose also the recipe of a tonic for the face skin with a soothing and antiseptic action, able to make the skin luminous. Since the micellar waters proposed are preservative free it is better not to use them for more than two weeks and prepare them just as needed. Ready to take care of your beauty in a natural way? Don’t miss this video!
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