Noni, the juice of long life that comes from Polynesia

The paddle dives into the crystal clear sea, while water droplets gush by rippling the surface. We are on a canoe, the typical Polynesian canoe, of those with a lateral support float to give higher stability. We are sailing just off a beach with white sand like talcum powder, only palm trees and sky on the horizon. This is Polynesia, the destination of our trip today. Polynesia is famous not only for its beauty, but also for some natural products that have been studied by science for their healthy properties, such as noni juice.

Noni juice

Noni juice is antioxidant, able to counteract DNA damage caused by cigarette smoke, pollution and free radicals. Not only that, this juice also counteracts chronic inflammations in the body, improves joint health, stimulates the immune system and helps the body better resist fatigue and stress (West et al, Foods, 2018). You can find noni juice in herbal medicine or online. As for the intake, you can take a tablespoon of juice twice a day about half an hour before the main meals.
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