Norwegian flatbrod and a ship that plows the sea across the fjord

The ship seems to challenge nature as it cuts through the waters and makes its way in the bay of the sea surrounded by precipitous gorges. A fairy light illuminates groups of waterfalls that seem to flow directly from the earth, flicker on the rocks and then reach the sea. Do you understand where we are? Today we are in Norway and, in particular, we are visiting the Geirangerfjord by ship, one of the most popular fjords. Do you know that the word fjord is an ancient Viking term that is connected to the phrase der man ferder over, which means to travel through? But now the word fjord has become international to indicate these sea roads that enter the land and branch into secondary fjords, often more fascinating than the main ones. Landscapes to discover and admire, where time stands still and you all feel like a painter that observes how the hours of the day and the weather give brushstrokes of different sensations while your eyes run after flashes of waves and glimpses of the sky. And to remind us of this magnificent journey and allow everyone to experience Norway, today we savor this land through a special recipe, flatbrod bread, a very thin and crunchy bread, perfect to munch on as a snack, maybe with a little orange marmalade but also to accompany soups or cheeses.


You need 250 grams of rye flour, 150 grams of water, 5 grams of salt, 1 tablespoon of honey. Melt the honey in the water. Add the salt and mix. Finally, pour in the flour while continuing to stir. Flour the dough so you can work it and divide it into small pieces of about 20 grams each. With the help of flour and a rolling pin, roll out the small dough making very fine sheets. Cook in a pan on both sides and the Norwegian flat bread is ready.
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