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On the road 2019, Route 66

On the road 2019, Route 66

Hi everybody! Also for this amazing and hot summer we have thought to add the section dedicated to trip and holidays, to natural remedies and to the recipes that may follow us on the beach, in the mountains or in the cities to counteract hot days and mosquitoes!
For this year the section will bring us all over the world to find out traditions, beauty rituals and remedies of different Countries. It will be like we’ll immerse ourselves every time in a new culture!
For this reason, the only name we could give to this section is Route 66, the legendary US highway that connects Chicago to California through 8 States.
There will not be push notifications to highlight a new content, and therefore a new destination, but the blog will be updated twice a week, the Monday and the Thursday. To have a look inside you just have to click on the button On the Road below the main gallery.
This is also an opportunity for us to wish you all happy Holidays! And to thank you, because you follow us every day with such a big love that you fill us with joy and gratefulness. Thank you! And have a great trip on the Route 66, we are waiting for you!
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