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Pizza Pascalina, taste and heath are served!
Video Pizza Pascalina, taste and heath are served!

Pizza Pascalina, taste and heath are served!

The yummy scent envelops us as we eat a slice of this delicious pizza, the Pascalina Pizza. The aromas are expertly mixed in a perfect combination of taste and health.
In fact, the pascalina pizza is considered an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor recipe, useful in contrasting the aging processes and cellular degeneration thanks to the ingredients with which it is made. Tomatoes, broccoli, garlic, onion, olives and walnuts give the Pascalina Pizza a unique flavor and important beneficial properties. So, let's see how to make the exquisite Pizza Pascalina step by step and let's get ready to see it disappear in a moment, not even a crumb will remain, we know it because we tried!
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