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The source of dreams, a tale for everyone

The source of dreams, a tale for everyone

Once upon a time there was an enchanted country, called the country of Clear Water. It was called in this way because the town overlooked a lake with water so clear that it had never been seen. On the surface of the lake, slightly moved by a breeze, the cherry trees in bloom were mirrored and remained in bloom throughout the year. But these cherry blossoms also had another characteristic, they contained magic inside them. Each flower pistil had a dream in it. There were dreams of all kinds, some particularly cheerful, others adventurous, others dreams full of hope. When the breeze gently shook the branches of the trees, the flowers fell into the lake and from there, the current, brought them to the river, which divided into many small streams that reached every corner of the earth. People drank the water and had magical dreams at night, which instilled courage, joy and serenity.
But such beauty attracted the envy of the witch, who reigned in the neighboring woods, the Dark Woods, where no living being dared to go because the sunlight did not arrive there. One day the witch, appealing to all her magical arts, sent a freeze that blocked everything in the country of Clear Water. The baker while he was baking bread, the peasant woman while collecting the carrots in the garden, the little dog that was running, the queen of the country of Clear Water, the bright fairy, and also the flowers of the cherry trees, which stopped falling in the water of the lake. But also people around the world also stopped dreaming. The nights were all the same, without color and emotions. Soon a veil of sadness fell on Earth. Everyone had lost the ability to dream, everyone except a little girl, who enjoyed collecting magic water in colored glass bottles. The little girl drank all the bottles and, suddenly, she started to feel hope, joy and trust growing in her, so she decided to go to the country of Clear Water, to try to understand what was happening and to bring dreams back to Earth. As soon as she arrived in Clear Water she saw this large surface of ice, everything was motionless and suspended. Arriving at the fairy castle she looked for the queen in the rooms and corridors until she found her, the fairy was motionless, pale and under a thick layer of ice. The girl lit a fire, which she fed all night with curtains and chairs that she found in the castle and spoke, spoke. She told of her wonderful dreams, of the countries she could visit only by closing her eyes and going to sleep, of the colors and emotions she could see and feel, in a dream. And little by little droplets began to fall from the block of ice that imprisoned the fairy until her cheeks turned pink and she was free. In less than no time the luminous fairy flew over her whole kingdom making a glittering dust fall. As soon as this dust hit the ground it melted the ice. The town of Clear Water came back to life, everyone started doing what he was doing. The baker put the bread in the oven, the peasant collected the carrots, the little dog reached his master and the cherry blossoms started falling again in the lake. Even the Earth returned to color as men and women regained their greatest gift, the one that defeats all adversity, the ability to dream.
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