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The story of the hummingbird

The story of the hummingbird

This is an ancient African story. It is dedicated to children, that are living this difficult moment, and to adults. Because imagining and entering in the world of magic helps regenerate the brain but also because it contains a teaching, that has never been so important.
Are you all ready? Good, let’s start…
One day, in the forest, a big fire broke up. The flames burned everything that they found on their path, every bush, every tree and branch.
The animals, frightened, ran in the water of the river that calm flowed regardless of what was happening around it. Lions, gazelles, elephants, pelicans, all looked for a safe place in the river. But they all knew that very soon the flames would reach them.
However, something happened. The hummingbird got up in flight, he took a drop of water in his small beak and flew above the forest. He let fall the drop, clearly the drop was too small to have any effect. The hummingbird did not lose heart and took another drop, and one again, and one again. The lion, who observed the scene, asked him what he was doing, because it was crazy to try to stop the fire with a drop of water. The hummingbird answered “I’m doing what I can” and went on bringing drops. The other animals started laughing but a small elephant filled his trunk with water and threw it against a bush that was burning. The flames were extinguished. Also the pelican filled its beck with water. He flew above the forest and threw the water on a tree that was burning. Little by little, all the animals, putting apart all their dislikes, organized to extinguish the flames with all the tools at their disposal. Before evening all the fire was extinguished.
Guys, do you understand? We all together can get out of the most difficult situation. Now, there isn’t a fire that should be extinguished, we are lucky because we can counteract the enemy by staying safe in our houses, surrounded by food, tranquility and comfort. But we all should do this, staying at home as much as possible and avoiding gathering of people, for us, for our family and for those that are now risking their life to let us go on with a life that maybe isn’t normal but is life. Sometimes, you just have to look out from the window and to hear a bird singing or to see a magnolia that is blooming to remember this.
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