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The story of the starry sky

The story of the starry sky

It was a beautiful clear night, one of those where you just need to look up to immerse yourself in the starry sky. A light and fragrant breeze caressed the face of two men, who walked in silence in the clearing, one next to the other. At a certain point, the two friends stopped and admired the spectacle above their heads.
Then, suddenly, one of the two men pointed his finger at a small patch of light and exclaimed, look Ted, it's Andromeda. It was in fact the constellation of Andromeda, close to that of Pegasus. And think, replied Ted, that that dot is as big as our galaxy, the Milky Way. Try to imagine, around us, immersed in this space that we call the universe, hundreds of millions of galaxies, so many that we can't even imagine them, and that dot there, Andromeda, is made up of billions of suns and each sun is more great than ours!
The two men were silent for a while, overwhelmed by the wonder of nature. Then, Ted smiled and said to his friend, well, I think we feel small enough now, let's go to sleep!
The man called Ted was none other than Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States of America, a very intelligent, cultured and charismatic man. He understood that man is only part of something bigger than himself and that often what happens does not depend on his will, as every movement in the universe, collisions between comets or explosions of supernovae do not depend on the will of stars, galaxies and suns. But one thing characterizes man and differentiates him from the rest that surrounds him. Man has power, has talents and resources that allow him to adapt to circumstances. Still Roosevelt, in fact, said, do what you can with what you have, in the place where you are.
Some situations can happen, our life can be changed suddenly, as in this difficult period, but we should keep in mind that we can get through all the circumstances. It's just a matter of looking around and discovering little treasures. Maybe a forgotten book, an old board game, a passion, humans always have a winning weapon, humans have creativity!
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