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The tale of the caterpillar and the butterfly

The tale of the caterpillar and the butterfly

Here is another story dedicated to the little ones, but also the adults will like it because it talks about how important it is never to give up, to dream and believe because inside us there are the strengths and talents to overcome any adversity.
A small caterpillar was walking towards the slopes of a very high mountain, so high that it was difficult to see the top. A ladybug, that was passing there, asked the caterpillar where he wanted to go. On the top of the mountain, answered the caterpillar, last night I dreamed that from up there I could admire the whole valley, now I want to make my dream come true. You are crazy, replied the ladybug, for you, that you are so small, a stone is an unattainable mountain, a puddle is a sea and a bush is a dense forest! But the caterpillar did not listen to her and continued on his way. A hare passed and she also asked the caterpillar what he was doing. The caterpillar explained to the hare what he had said to the ladybug. It is impossible, the hare replied, even for me who have long and agile legs! But the caterpillar continued higher and higher along the sides of the mountain. Every animal he encountered tried to dissuade him from the venture but the caterpillar had a dream to fulfill. Days went by and the caterpillar, now at the end of its strength, realized that he had to rest. The top of the mountain was not far away but he just couldn't keep going. Maybe, he thought, if I sleep a few hours I can resume the journey with more energy. Nearby there was a cave that was the ideal refuge. The caterpillar entered and no one saw him for days. The other animals, worried, approached the entrance of the cave. Nothing could be seen in the thick darkness! But they heard a strange noise, like something that breaks. And then they heard a light beat of wings. But what was going on? A butterfly with large and colorful wings flew over their heads, it was the caterpillar that had turned into a butterfly! The butterfly, with little effort, reached the top of the mountain from where he could admire the valley.
The caterpillar had fulfilled his dream! Never lose hope, even if the situation is difficult and there seems to be no way out, you will always find a way to overcome any obstacle!
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