The Advent Calendar 2018

According to tradition, the Advent Calendar shows the days until the Christmas Eve from the first day of December. Every day is represented by a window that, once opened, reveals a picture, a nice message or a chocolate for the joy of everybody, children and adults! We of the team of Natural Remedies have thought to create this atmosphere here in the app. Because Christmas is the time for family and for the people we love the most and because in a world where everybody is always in a hurry and where often there is little attention to the feelings it’s nice to have a little bit of magic in life.
Like last year, from the first of December also the app Natural Remedies will have its own Advent Calendar, that you will be able to reach directly from the first page, by clicking on the corresponding button, or from the Healthy Life section, by clicking on Tips and tricks for all seasons. If you don’t see the Calendar, just update the app! Every day a new window will make you discover a new herbal tea or a beauty remedy or little moves in order to improve your health. There will be no push notifications in order to say that a new window is open, when you want or have time you know that there is a little present waiting for you.
We hope in this way to walk with you day after day in these magic month and we thank you again for the incredible support that you show us with your advice, emails or simply by opening the app. Thank you!
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