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How it all began

One thing was certain, everything was said about happiness. And that was exactly what was wrong with Will. What was happiness, how could it be found? The point was, he wasn't happy. In the summer he looked at the stars but without really observing them because he was already thinking about winter, when he walked with his little dog he did not admire the trees in bloom or the dry leaves that fall on the ground in an elegant dance, because he thought about what he would do once back home. Walking down the street he saw others smiling, for example, wasn't it a satisfied expression, which could be considered a happy face, that of the man smartly dressed, with an amazing car over there? So happiness is having the best of everything? In fact, on closer inspection, that man's eyes were restless ... No, he couldn't go on like this. So, Will decided to seek happiness in his own way, in the only system he knew, observing others, and to do this he had to leave. Oh yes, he had to travel somewhere, he would surely find a place in the world with some wise people who could teach him happiness. It was a couple of months before Christmas but he did not want to hear reasons, he had to leave. What awaited him at the end of the journey, he was sure, was something better! He packed his bags and went straight to the exit of the house without a backward glance. Suddenly, he was pulled by the leg, he looked down and saw Joy, the little dog he had found on the street a few years earlier and who, without saying a word, had decided to follow him home. No need to say that, from that day on, Joy had become a full-fledged member of the family, loved and pampered by everyone. Okay, Will growled, if you like, you can come too, but I warn you it won't be a picnic. And so it was that Will and Joy set out. Will had heard that not far from there, there was a town famous for the hospitality and cheerfulness of its inhabitants. It was worth starting from there…

The milk of well-being

Of course, well-being and happiness are not in an herbal tea, but a hot, cheerful and spiced drink certainly helps to relax and chase away bad thoughts. In the evening, before going to sleep, or during colder, cloudy days, try to warm up a cup of milk. Excellent is cashew nut milk or almond milk. Remove from heat and add a pinch of saffron, mix and drink this delight! Saffron is an antidepressant and improves sleep quality (Lopreste et al, J Clin Speel Med, 2020)!
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