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True happiness

It was the evening of Christmas Eve and now the whole world was preparing for the celebrations, what was he doing, Will, walking on a road alone with the company of a dog? And then he was also cold and hungry, all the restaurants and shops were closed, people ran home, to their families. All in all, Will's house wasn't very far. Without realizing it, his journey had brought him to the very beginning. Will then decided it was time to go back home. Together with the faithful Joy he walked into the night dotted with many snowflakes that merrily danced in front of him. After a long walk, Will saw a glow in front of him and heard a happy chorus rising in the air. At first the song was just muffled but then it became clear, they were Christmas songs sung with warmth and with the typical joy that comes from the heart and from the closeness of affections. He felt his heart tighten, how envious, he thought, they seem really happy. The singing reminded him of something from the past that seemed elusive to him now. But then he noticed one thing, wait, he thought, that house from which those rumors come, but it's my house! And for how many Christmases I have heard my family's cheerful songs, that's why they remind me of something. But at the time I had never given it importance, intent as I was to think about how others were celebrating Christmas ... Will walked over, but didn't go into the house immediately. He and Joy spied out the window. The decorated tree was placed on a table. It was a small tree but adorned with the heart, each ball and festoon had been chosen with care and here and there the children had hung their jobs, the ones that Will had always criticized because those of others were better, but now they seemed wonderful. The table was not set with gold or silver cutlery, but it gave joy to look at it. Jenny, Will's youngest daughter, like every year had prepared the place marks, a bit smudged to tell the truth, but they were cheerful and had the nice nicknames of everyone in the family. Of his family. Will felt a warmth rise in his chest, a warmth he had never felt and tears came to his eyes. Here is happiness. He had looked for it in every corner of the earth and instead it had always been in front of him. Happiness is the affection that transpires from small and simple gestures, but which indicate love and sharing ... Little Joy wagged his tail at his side all happy, he finally got there, he thought, these humans are a bit slow ... Ehi Will, let me tell you something, next time you think of leaving in search of happiness and drag me with you to every corner of the planet, do me a favor, do like me, a little shake and refresh your ideas ... and now let me enter the house I have the frozen tail!

Pomegranate for holidays

The pomegranate is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. This fruit is also sacred to Aphrodite who, according to the myth, when just born from the sea foam, landed on the island of Cyprus and with her light step gave birth to a pomegranate. So, there is no better wish for a Merry Christmas than a pomegranate. Pour 500 ml of pomegranate juice and the juice of 3 freshly squeezed blood oranges into a jug. Then decorate with pomegranate grains and serve the drink of health and best wishes!
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