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Abdominal pain, natural remedies

Abdominal pain, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Lemon balm, infusion, decoction and baths, against anxiety, insomnia and cramps
Lemon balm, infusion, decoction and baths, against anxiety, insomnia and cramps
Lemon balm is analgesic, sedative, calming and digestive, it helps in case of abdominal pain, stomach ache and painful menstruation, reduces cough and is beneficial in case of headache.
Lemon balm, scientific name melissa officinalis, is a plant of the Lamiaceae family, the same as mint, oregano, sage and rosemary, to give some examples. With its leaves characterized by a lemon aroma, lemon balm is a wonderful choice for the gardens or the balconies where it can be grown. The lemon balm leaves can be used to prepare infusions and decoctions after a drying process. Alternatively, you can easily buy, even online, dried lemon balm leaves ready to be infused. But let's see the prop...
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Ravensara essential oil
Ravensara essential oil
Antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic and soothing properties, useful in case of respiratory diseases, virus and all types of herpes, fungus, against water retention, swollen belly, abdominal pain, remedy in case of anxiety.
Ravensara essential oil is obtained from Ravensara aromatica, a plant native to Madagascar and belonging to the Lauraceae family. This essential oil has antiviral, antiseptic, expectorant and soothing properties and, for this reason, it can be applied in case of virus of the respiratory tract, bronchitis, sinusitis, cold, pharyngitis, but it results also useful in case of mononucleosis, chicken pox, herpes zoster. It helps relieve pain of the joints, of the muscles or of the nerves. Ravensara es...
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