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Baking soda, to drink
Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, is a salt that occurs in nature usually dissolved in surface and underground waters. It can be used to counteract the gastric acidity, the burning sensation that may happen after very heavy meals or due to an excess of coffee or alcohol, stress and bad habits such as eating fast. The baking soda has in fact an alkalizing effect able to counteract the acidity and, in addition to this, it acts also very quickly but it has contraindications, as it ...
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Schuessler salts
Schuessler salts are part of a therapeutic method introduced in the second half of the nineteenth century by the German physician Schuessler. The method uses 12 preparations based on diluted inorganic minerals that, according to the studies of Schuessler, are always present in human blood and tissues. Each of these preparations may be able to influence different body functions on the basis of the consideration that the mineral salts are indispensable for a proper functioning of the organs and, a...
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Acacia honey
Robinia pseudoacacia, commonly known as black locust or false acacia, is a tree that belongs to the Fabaceae family. Thanks to this plant one of the best known and well appreciated honey is obtained. This honey is characterized by a light yellow color and a liquid consistency, it has a delicate taste and it also very versatile, it is highly digestible and energizing and for this reason it is the ideal choice for a breakfast or snack for sporty people or for those people who are going through a v...
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Aloe arborescens
The plants of Aloe genus belong to the Aloacee family and are represented by a wide range of succulent varieties but, among them, the most important are aloe barbadendis Miller, also known as aloe vera, and aloe arborescens, both characterized by therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Aloe vera has big and fleshy leaves full of gel, for this reason this type of aloe can be used in cosmetics in order to treat problems of skin, acne, irritations, burns, sunburns, wounds, dandruff and itching, aloe a...
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Black cumin seed oil
Black cumin, scientific name Nigella sativa, is an Asian plant belonging to the Ranuncolaceae family. From black cumin seeds through cold pressing an oil with interesting anti-inflammatory, soothing, calming and regenerating properties is obtained. Known since ancient times, in fact a small bottle of black cumin seed oil was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamon, this oil can be used for cooking as well as a cosmetic remedy. Black cumin seed oil helps treat cough, bronchitis, allergic rhiniti...
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Kudzu, scientific name Pueraria montana, is a plant of the Fabacee or Leguminosae family that includes also soy, beans, fava beans, peas and lentils. Native to Asia, it is used for cooking, in fact kudzu root powder works as thickener and gelling agent, but also as a natural remedy. Kudzu, in fact, contains isoflavones, natural compounds with a structure similar to human body estrogens, which help to soothe menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis, as reported in the study published in the Evidence-...
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Acorus calamus
Calamus, also called sweet flag, is a medicinal plant of the Araceae family whose scientific name is Acorus calamus. The calamus grows along the edges of ponds, swamps and lakes and was already known as a remedy at the time of the ancient Greeks, in fact Galeno, the prominent Greek physician, used this plant as a diuretic. Nowadays the plant is considered an aromatic bitter. Calamus is able to stimulate digestion, is an antispasmodic and has carminative and diuretic properties. The remedy finds ...
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Natural remedies are not just herbal teas or preparations, sometimes they are gestures or small exercises that can bring big benefits. This is the case of breathing, a process that is so simple and automatic that we do not care about and, as a consequence, it is often penalized. Stress, difficult situations, anger and the breathing becomes superficial or we can even hold our breath. Breath brings oxygen to the body cells and removes toxins, a superficial breath does not properly oxygenate the ti...
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Papaya, also called papaw or pawpaw, scientific name Carica papaya, is a tree of the Caricaceae family that can reach a height of 10 meters. The fruit, which has the same name as the plant, is a very large, orange-colored berry with a sweet and juicy pulp that contains many seeds in the form of black grains. Rich in vitamin C, A and E, but also potassium, magnesium, zinc and antioxidants, papaya fruit helps to fight free radicals and counteracts aging processes. It is useful to restore health an...
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Manuka honey
Manuka honey is a honey produced from the nectar of the flowers of manuka, scientific name Leptospermum scoparum, a tree growing in New Zealand. This type of honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, according to the article published in 2008 on the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food research by a team of researchers of the University of Dresden. The researchers have found that the responsible for the antibacterial activity of this type of honey is the substance called Methylgl...
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Tarragon, scientific name Artemisia dracunculus, also called estragon, is an aromatic plant of the Asteraceae family. Tarragon is a remedy to stimulate appetite in cases of loss of appetite, fatigue, convalescence or weakness, it aids digestion and is helpful in case of sour stomach and abdominal bloating. Another property of tarragon is that it is a diuretic, for this reason the plant results a help in case of rheumatism, gout, water retention, difficulty urinating or problems related to kidney...
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Lemon verbena
Lemon verbena (lippia citriodora), also called lemon beebrush, belongs to the vervain family, verbena officinalis belongs to this species too. Lemon verbena comes from South America but can also be found in North America and Europe, the plant is richer, in respect of verbena officinalis, in healing properties. Lemon verbena can be used in case of poor digestion, heartburn, flatulence. This herb results a remedy to treat stomach cramps, asthma and heart palpitations thanks to the antispasmodic ac...
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