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Air in the belly, natural remedies

Air in the belly, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Star anise
Star anise
Carminative, digestive but also antimicrobial, useful in case of urinary tract infections and difficult digestion.
Star anise, scientific name Illicium verum, is an evergreen plant characterized by woody fruits formed by 8-12 lobes arranged in a star with a seed inside each lobe. It is precisely this form that gives the name to the star anise plant. The star anise fruits are used in herbal medicine for their carminative and digestive properties. But let's explore the action of this spice and its uses. Star anise, properties - Star anise is appreciated for its antiviral properties. In fact, as reported in t...
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Vegetable garden, health and relax Part 7, mint, marjoram and oregano
Vegetable garden, health and relax Part 7, mint, marjoram and oregano
Taking care of the garden helps fight anxiety and the constant dwelling on things and helps to free up resources to overcome any adversity. Not only that, in this way we can have available fruits and herbs with an important antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor action.
Working the soil, pruning plants, giving them water, these actions not only represent a cure for the garden but also for ourselves. They help us to get away from problems and to stop dwelling on things. This does not mean, of course, to escape from one's responsibilities or from the present time, on the contrary, by leaving the mind free and getting lost in the here and now, we bring out the talents and resources that will help us overcome any trauma, thought or concern. Today we see how to grow...
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