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Alopecia areata, natural remedies

Alopecia areata, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Essential oil of white thyme, the breath of Zeus
Essential oil of white thyme, the breath of Zeus
Antibacterial action, useful in case of acne and blackheads, soothes itching, irritation and insect bites, helps in case of gingivitis, stomatitis and canker sores, antitussive and antispasmodic properties, useful in case of cough and bronchitis, has been demonstrated its beneficial action in case of alopecia areata.
Thyme, scientific name Thymus vulgaris, is a plant known and appreciated for centuries for its properties. For the ancient Greeks the scent of thyme was considered the breath of Zeus and thyme was revered as a sacred plant. Today we can buy the essence of thyme contained in small bottles and obtained by steam distillation of the herb. From thyme, however, two types of essential oils can be obtained, the essential oil of red thyme, very powerful, and the essential oil of white thyme, obtained fro...
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Cedarwood essential oil
Cedarwood essential oil
Useful in the case of acne, even the most resistant, dandruff, hair loss and some forms of alopecia, relaxing and calming action, helpful in case of insomnia and anxiety.
From steam distillation of the wood chips of the Cedrus atlantica tree, family of the Pinaceae, the essential oil of cedar wood is obtained. This essential oil is characterized by interesting cosmetic properties for skin and hair and a beneficial action for the mind. Now let's see the applications and properties of this essential oil that should not be used during pregnancy. Insomnia and stress - The essential oil of cedar contains cedrol, a substance that, according to scientific studies (Kag...
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