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Food combinations Part 5, the best ways to eat artichokes
The artichoke is the flower bud of the plant Cynara scolymus. The artichoke is rich in iron, potassium, magnesium, cynarine, an alkaloid able to protect the liver and to lower the cholesterol, inulin, a prebiotic that protects and stimulates the bacterial flora of the gut, antioxidants such as tannins (Rondanelli et al, Monladi Arch Chest Dis, Mar 2013 – Lopez-Molina et al, Phytochemistry, Jun 2005). However, the properties of the artichoke depend on the ways of cooking and on the foods served t...
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Vitamin B12
Vitamins are essential substances for life, however, the body is not able to self-produce them and therefore they must be introduced through food. Vitamin B12, or cyanocobalamin, belongs to the group of water-soluble vitamins B. This vitamin is able to preserve the health of the nervous system by maintaining the protective sheaths of the nerves, supports the immune system, is essential for the production of energy at the cellular level and helps the body to use the folate. But the properties of ...
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Cherry is the fruit of plant Prunus avium and delights us with its sweetness for a fairly limited period of time, from the beginning of June until the end of July. But cherries are not just delicious, they also have interesting healthy properties. They are in fact a source of vitamins, such as A, C, B1, important for the proper functioning of muscles and the nervous system, B2, useful for the health of skin, nervous system and vision, and mineral salts such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron...
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Snow peas
Snow peas are legumes belonging to the Fabaceae family. They are a variety of peas, scientific name Pisum sativum subsp. sativum var. macrocarpon, of these peas we eat also the pod, characterized by a light green color, with a flattened and wide shape and a very delicate flavor. The snow peas bring plant based proteins and fibers, which are useful for intestinal well-being by counteracting constipation, intestinal swelling and colitis but also help to limit the absorption of sugar and fat and gi...
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Beetroot, also known as garden beet or red beet, scientific name Beta vulgaris, is a plant that belongs to the Chenopodiaceae family and is characterized by an edible root with interesting healthy and nutritional properties. Beetroot indeed, especially if you eat it raw, is very rich in folate, has mineral salts such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, vitamins of groups B and C and water, very useful to counteract water retention. Thanks to these characteristics the beetroot ...
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Indian ginseng or Withania somnifera
Withania somnifera, also known as Indian ginseng, Ashwaganda or winter cherry is a herb used in Ayurvedic medicine belonging to the Solanacee family, the same as tomato and eggplant. Native to India Withania somnifera is a small bush and its roots and leaves are used as a remedy with important benefits. In the Indian ginseng more than 80 active substances have been identified, among them the withanolides, that name the plant, that have anti-inflammatory properties and result able to inhibit the...
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Mache or lamb’s lettuce
Valerianella locusta is called mache, lamb’s salad but other names include also corn salad or common corn salad. This plant should not be confused with valeriana officinalis, in fact, although both plants belong to the Valerianaceae family, valerianella locusta is used as a delicate and tasty salad, the other one, valeriana officinalis, is used as a powerful herbal remedy with calming and sedative properties. Mache salad has tender and rounded leaves, it gives fibers, vitamins, such as vitamin A...
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Apricots are the fruits of the apricot tree, or Prunus armeniaca, of the Rosaceae family. Fresh apricots contain vitamins A and C and mineral salts such as potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, they are also rich in beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant with a protective role in heart disease, cataracts and stroke and inhibition of tumor cell growth, as reported in the guidelines of the American Institute for cancer research about phytochemicals and their effect on human health. Apricots ar...
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Rehmannia glutinosa
Rehmannia glutinosa is one of the 50 basic herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, called Di-huang, that means yellow earth. This remedy is used for its beneficial effect for problems related to the kidneys and adrenal glands, it purifies indeed these organs. In addition to this rehmannia helps alleviate symptoms related to menopause such as irritability, insomnia and hot flashes, is helpful in case of irregular periods and seems to have also hypoglycemic and anti-inflammatory properties. In...
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Bitter root from Socino
The bitter roots from Soncino are a type of chicory, Cichorium intybus, of the family Astaraceae, the same plant family of dandelion. These bitter roots are grown near Soncino, province of Cremona, Italy, they have an elongated shape, a white-beige color and are characterized by a bitter taste. The most important property of the bitter root of Soncino is its ability to purify the liver, kidneys and blood. These roots have also a carminative effect, that results very helpful in order to remove b...
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Copper is an essential trace element, it facilitates the transport and the use of iron from the intestine and is therefore useful in case of anemia, asthenia and convalescence. The copper has also an antiseptic effect, it fortifies the immune system, it is used in case of fever or inflammatory and infectious processes of the joints and of the respiratory tract, especially if recurrent, it is important for the production of melanin, the natural pigment that gives color in hair and eyes. Natural s...
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Starting from the seeds of legumes, such as mung bean, or vegetables, such as watercress, alfalfa, broccoli, mustard, but also from cereal grains such as oats or millet, it is possible to get their sprouts , source of energy and nutrients, ideal in case of fatigue, stress, rich in chlorophyll with anti-anemic, antioxidant and purifying properties. The sprouts are rich in amino acids ready to be assimilated by the body, contain minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, and vitamins, incl...
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Periwinkle is a plant with blue flowers, but the natural remedy are the leaves where all the curative properties of the plant are concentrated. The leaves of the periwinkle are in fact helpful in case of anemia, tiredness or convalescence because they are tonic and able to regenerate the blood. The leaves of periwinkle have also significant anti-inflammatory properties, useful in case of sore throat or tonsillitis, they have antidiarrheal and cicatrizing effects and for this reason they are used...
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Spirulina is a green-blue microalgae that lives in lakes, therefore it contains little iodine. This algae is rich of healthy substances and nutrients, so much that it is counted among the “super foods”. Spirulina is reach in chlorophyll, an antioxidant that helps against free radicals, is able to strengthen the immune system and can also purify the body from heavy metals. Spirulina contains also vitamins, such as vitamin A and those from group B, C and E, mineral salts such as iron, magnesium, m...
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Cumin is an ingredient of curry, but it can be used also as a spice in order to give more flavor to dishes. Cumin contains antioxidants, it protects the stomach and the liver with an anti-cancer effect and it has important digestive and carminative properties against abdominal bloating and to stimulate the activity of pancreas and the correct assimilation of food. This spice has also anti-inflammatory properties and is very useful in order to heal illnesses of the respiratory tract. In addition...
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Garden cress
The garden cress belongs to the Brassicaceae, it is rich in vitamin C, PP, B2 and E and mineral salts such as iron, phosphorus, manganese and calcium. Cress has a powerful detox action, it has diuretic, digestive and febrifuge properties. Because of the high level of iron cress is also antianemic. In addition to this cress is a remedy in case of acne, diabetes, because it is able to lower the level of sugar in blood, neuralgias, toothache and hair loss. You can take cress in the following ways...
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White mulberry
Fruit – White mulberry fruits are rich in fiber, proteins, tannins, vitamins, like vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, and iron. For the last property these fruits can be very helpful in case of anemia. Moreover, according to scientific studies, white mulberry fruits have also an antibacterial action that can be important to prevent dental caries. Tablets – Scientific studies have demonstrated that the white mulberry extract is able to lower the level of blood sugar, for this reason white m...
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Grapes are rich in directly assimilable sugars, mineral salts like potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, vitamins, in particular vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamins of group B, and antioxidants, present mostly in grape skins. A very important and well known antioxidant with anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties is resveratrol, that is present only in the black grapes skins. For this reason, eating grapes with skins is a very healthy habit. Grapes have also energetic and anti-a...
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Stinging nettle
When I say stinging nettle I think to its urticant power and not to its utility. However, as you will see, it is possible to obtain from the stinging nettle a very healthy tea with important benefits for your body. Boil water. When the water is boiling remove it from heat and add two tablespoons of dry stinging nettle per water liter. Infuse it for 10 minutes, filter and drink. After a cup of nettle tea it is advised to drink a glass of water in order to help the work of the kidneys. It Is als...
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