Anxiety, natural remedies

Anxiety, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Insomnia and anxiety, here are the best remedies
Herbal teas, supplements and pranayama help to restore calm, drive away thoughts and counteract insomnia, reducing the time taken to fall asleep and improving the quality of sleep.
Sometimes worries disturb us and don't let us sleep. Here comes insomnia that may even worsen the nervousness. Nature and yoga, also in this case, can give us a hand, so let's see the best herbal remedies, supplements and meditation techniques that, as proven by scientific studies, are able to improve the quality of sleep, counteract insomnia and anxiety. Herbal tea of ??happiness - The well-known French herbalist Maurice Messegue, in his book My Herbarium, proposes his recipe to drive away an...
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Black spruce essential oil, the Christmas essence that is good for the brain, lungs, skin and hair
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, calming and neuroprotective, this essence fights inflammation of the respiratory tract, insomnia and sadness, soothes irritated skin and calms dermatitis, fights dandruff and acne.
Christmas is warmth, sweet sensations but also balsamic aromas that envelop us, giving calm, freeing the mind and opening the breath. Today we see the properties of a very particular essential oil, in fact we are talking about the essence obtained from the branches and needles of the black spruce, scientific name Picea mariana. This essential oil, with its warm forest aroma, immediately brings to mind the holidays, the family gathered around the tree, laughter, but it also has another characteri...
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Cinnamon essential oil
Antibacterial and antiviral action, useful for respiratory health, an aid against acne and skin aging, anti-anxiety and anti-depression action, for oral health, anti-cellulite.
With its warm and spicy aroma cinnamon essential oil recalls holidays, family warmth and serenity. This essential oil is obtained from the steam distillation of the bark of the cinnamon tree, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum of the Lauraceae family. Its main active ingredient is given by the substance called cinnamaldehyde, then followed by eugenol. These substances give the essence its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and blood flow stimulating properties (Rao et al, Evid Based Complement Alternat Med., 2...
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Chromotherapy, the healing power of colors
How colors, both observed and visualized, can improve memory and act on our moods, bringing benefit in case of tiredness, sadness but also anger and irritability.
Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is based on the idea that colors can affect our mood and our health, bringing benefits in cases of disorders such as sadness, poor concentration and anxiety. Chromotherapy is a very ancient healing technique, it is believed that even the ancient Egyptians used it and nowadays several scientific studies have been able to prove its effectiveness. So let's try to understand how it works and how the particular colors can benefit us. Chromotherapy, what science says...
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Apple peel
Powerful antioxidant, antitumor and cardioprotective action, helps in case of joint pain and irritable bowel syndrome, anxiolytic properties.
It was an apple that caused the war between Greeks and Trojans, it was an apple the fruit of immortality that Hercules managed to steal from the garden of the Hesperides and it was always an apple that, according to legend, fell on Newton's head, inspiring the great scientist the theory of gravitational force. The apple has always been a symbol of beauty and eternal life but it is not just about myths and traditions, this fruit is truly a precious source of beneficial substances for health conta...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 40, the lavender that made Julius Caesar fall in love
Lavender is antimicrobial, healing and capable of regenerating the skin, thanks to its calming action it relaxes and removes stress, useful for counteracting insomnia.
Often the most important discoveries arise by chance, from an unexpected event, an error or an accident. Like the one we’ll tell you about today. We are in France, in 1910, the perfume and cosmetic laboratories are in great ferment and compete to invent and put on the market synthetic products and fragrances. Science prevails and nature and traditions must give way to industrial progress. And it is precisely here that in one of these laboratories an explosion develops, at the expense of Renè Mau...
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Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral, protects the brain and heart, helps control blood sugar and body weight, improves mood and fights stress, increases concentration, when added to bread, potatoes or meat helps fight the toxicity of those carcinogenic substances that develop at high temperatures, help in case of acne.
Rosemary, scientific name rosmarinus officinalis, is an aromatic plant of the Lamiaceae family, native to the Mediterranean basin but nowadays widespread almost everywhere in the world. Rosemary is proudly displayed in gardens, vegetable gardens and balconies and, when rubbed between the fingers, its needles release a stimulating and fascinating aroma. But rosemary is also a great natural remedy, let's see what science says! Rosemary, properties - Rosemary contains active ingredients that give...
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Antispasmodic and calming action, useful in case of anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, but also stomach and belly pain, diuretic, anti-inflammatory action, helpful in case of cough, cold and sore throat.
Linden, or basswood, scientific name Tilia, is a plant of the Tiliaceae family that can reach considerable size and is characterized by a great longevity. Linden flowers, leaves and bark are considered excellent natural remedies to prepare decoctions and infusions with a calming and antispasmodic action. But let's see in detail the properties of this very special plant. Linden, properties - Maurice Messegue speaks of linden in his book My herbarium, indicating this plant as a remedy for insomn...
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Wu wei and Principle of non-resistance
What to do when you don't know what decision to make? Or what to do when a problem haunts you and you can't find the solution? Stop and wait for the path to be cleared within you, this teaches Taoism, an ancient philosophy that today more than ever can help you find the well-being of the soul.
If there is silence, let it increase, something will emerge. If there is a storm, let it roar, it will calm down. This is a Taoist saying, expressed more than 2500 years ago by Laozi, a Chinese philosopher considered the father of Taoism. But how can such an ancient saying come to our aid today? Let's try to better understand and deepen how to apply this ancient philosophy to daily life, so that it can help us when we have to make difficult decisions, or when everything seems to oppress us and w...
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Kukicha green tea
Supports the immune system, fights anxiety and stress and high blood pressure, improves cognitive function, anticancer, low in caffeine and therefore lends itself to being drunk even in the afternoon.
Lot of small sticks and twigs, this is kukicha green tea, a very particular Japanese tea that differs from other teas that are in the form of leaves. The aroma of kukicha green tea is sweet and stands out from other Japanese green teas that, on the other hand, have a scent that reminds of freshly picked grass. So let's see the types of kukicha, the properties and the preparation of this particular tea. Kukicha tea, types - Whether it's gyokuro, sencha or kukicha, the plant from which green tea...
natural remedies
Blends of essential oils to strengthen the immune system and fight cellular degenerations, viruses and bacteria
Some essential oils, if applied through massage or inhaled, are able to reduce anxiety, stress and depression but also to support the immune system in the fight against viruses, bacteria and malignant cells.
Strengthening the immune system means increasing the action of some of its functions that can protect us more effectively from external attacks by pathogenic organisms but also from cells that can show a malignant degeneration. Several plants and spices have proven to be able to support the immune system, some examples are echinacea, garlic and Uncaria tomentosa. However, there are also essential oils able to act by supporting the immune system and putting it in the best conditions to defend the...
essential oils
Beauty and nature, lavender baths from ancient times
Lavender baths, an ancient tradition that can be recreated even today, to regenerate body and mind, to soothe sunburn and irritation, to remove tension and stress.
There was a time when the ancient Greeks turned to the Oracle of Delphi to have indications of where to go in order to look for well-being and luck away from the motherland. The destination of these people had become southern Italy, which would soon be called Magna Grecia. Magna Grecia, under the influence of Greek culture, was able to grow and reach incredible levels of splendor. But the Greeks brought not only philosophy, art and impetus to economic and commercial activity, but also beauty hab...
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Vegetable garden, health and relax Part 7, mint, marjoram and oregano
Taking care of the garden helps fight anxiety and the constant dwelling on things and helps to free up resources to overcome any adversity. Not only that, in this way we can have available fruits and herbs with an important antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor action.
Working the soil, pruning plants, giving them water, these actions not only represent a cure for the garden but also for ourselves. They help us to get away from problems and to stop dwelling on things. This does not mean, of course, to escape from one's responsibilities or from the present time, on the contrary, by leaving the mind free and getting lost in the here and now, we bring out the talents and resources that will help us overcome any trauma, thought or concern. Today we see how to grow...
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Vegetable garden, health and relax Part 6, gooseberry, red currant and coriander
Properties, uses and cultivation of gooseberry, red currant and coriander.
This is the time to take care of the garden! Taking care of plants, seeing them grow, bloom and then reap the fruits is healing, puts you in a good mood, removes bad thoughts and empowers the mind leaving it free to draw on its talents and resources. Because it is these resources that help us overcome any trauma, concern or obstacle. By taking care of a vegetable garden we also take care of ourselves! Today we talk about gooseberries, red currants and coriander. Gooseberry - Gooseberry, scient...
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Vegetable garden, health and relax Part 5, tomatoes and zucchini
How to grow tomatoes and zucchini, two seedlings that cannot miss in your garden.
Watering the plants, seeing them grow full of life and then harvesting the fruits! Taking care of a vegetable garden is fascinating and beneficial, it relieves stress, anxiety and also allows you to have fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs available every day. Today we talk about how to grow tomatoes and zucchini. Tomatoes - The tomatoes are plants that really cannot miss in a vegetable garden. Elongated tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, ribbed tomatoes, there are many varieties of tomatoes and all ...
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Lemon balm, infusion, decoction and baths, against anxiety, insomnia and cramps
Lemon balm is analgesic, sedative, calming and digestive, it helps in case of abdominal pain, stomach ache and painful menstruation, reduces cough and is beneficial in case of headache.
Lemon balm, scientific name melissa officinalis, is a plant of the Lamiaceae family, the same as mint, oregano, sage and rosemary, to give some examples. With its leaves characterized by a lemon aroma, lemon balm is a wonderful choice for the gardens or the balconies where it can be grown. The lemon balm leaves can be used to prepare infusions and decoctions after a drying process. Alternatively, you can easily buy, even online, dried lemon balm leaves ready to be infused. But let's see the prop...
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Vegetable garden, health and relax Part 4, chives, parsley and raspberry
Taking care of a garden counteracts stress and allows you to have a continuous production of plants and fruits with a high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power, today we are talking about the chives, parsley and raspberry.
Taking care of a vegetable garden, whether in the garden or on the balcony, brings joy. Seeing the seedlings grow and enjoying their beauty and their fruits is therapeutic, it frees the mind from anxieties and worries and brings out talents and resources that we never imagined we would have. Not only that, garden plants are also valuable sources of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances that we can have available even without leaving home! So let's see growing tips, properties and uses of ...
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Vegetable garden, health and relax Part 3, common marigold, lavender and strawberry
Today we talk about how to grow and use three very special garden plants, common marigold, lavender and strawberry!.
Taking care of the garden counteracts stress and induces relaxation, science says it, too (Hassan et al, Geriatr Gerontol Int, 2018)! For this reason, especially in particularly difficult periods such as the one we are experiencing, surrounding yourself with plants to grow can be truly therapeutic as well as a healthy choice, because as we will see, garden seedlings can be real powerful remedies at hand in addition to guaranteeing herbs and fruits to bring to the table. Common marigold - With ...
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Vegetable garden, health and relax Part 2, thyme, lettuce, rocket and violets
Properties, uses and care of thyme, lettuce, rocket and violets.
Taking care of the garden is good, for health and mood, it helps remove anxiety, keeps the mind occupied making it free and creative, able to follow its potential and talents. That's why we decided to start this section dedicated to properties, uses and ways of growing herbs, flowers and plants that are available in supermarkets or nurseries in this period. Last time we talked about rosemary, primroses and basil, today it's the turn of thyme, lettuce, rocket and violets! Thyme - Thyme is antio...
natural remedies
Yoga nidra, yoga relaxation for self-healing
Yoga nidra is a yoga relaxation technique that induces intense and deep calm, makes the mind active, the thoughts clear, improves mood and contrasts agitation and depression.
Yoga nidra is the yoga of aware sleep, in it lies the secret of self-healing. With these simple words, the great yoga master Swami Satyananda Saraswati described this particular technique of yoga meditation, yoga nidra, literally the yoga of sleep, which he himself had created inspired by ancient practices of the Indian tradition. Yoga nidra is more than a relaxation exercise. Through guided meditation it brings the person into that state of calm that precedes sleep. In fact, Swami Satyananda Sa...
natural remedies
Vegetable garden, health and relaxation Part 1, basil, daisies and rosemary
Let's start this section dedicated to the vegetable garden by seeing properties, uses and advice on cultivation of basil, rosemary and daisies.
Taking care of the garden or vegetable garden, even on the balcony, is good for your health. Not only because in this way you have your own production of fruit, vegetables, aromatic plants or even flowers as a beautiful ornament for the house, absolutely under control, possibly organic and zero kilometer, but also because, it has been shown by scientific studies, it improves mood and fights anxiety (Soga et al, Prev Med rep, 2017). A Japanese study reported that observing plants even acts on the...
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Natural remedies to reduce anxiety
We have at our disposal different techniques to counteract anxiety and panic, which ones? For example, making with hands, creating or cooking, but also herbal teas prepared with herbs of proven anxiolytic and relaxing action, not to forget different essential oils and pranayamas, the yoga breathing techniques.
What to do in case of anxiety? Especially now, in this difficult period, it can happen that you have worries, you may experience difficulty sleeping and poor concentration, but you can also notice symptoms such as an increase in heart rate or stomach problems. Chronic stress has been triggered and this situation should be counteracted for your mental calm but also for the health of the body. In fact, chronic stress worsens inflammation that has negative repercussions on the immune system. What t...
natural remedies
Tibetan singing bowls
Calming action, help to lower blood pressure and counteract anxiety and stress.
Tibetan singing bowls are a very ancient musical instrument. They look like bronze bowls, although the alloy, with which they are made, can include up to 12 metals, they do not have a clapper but are played using a stick that generates a deep and fascinating sound. Tibetan singing bowls are at the center of numerous scientific studies since it is believed that the vibration generated by them is able to act on mood and anxiety. But let's understand better. Tibetan singing bowls, what science sa...
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Petitgrain essential oil
Anti inflammatory and antimicrobial, useful in case of acne and oily skin but also excessive sweating, anti stress remedy, able to counteract anxiety and insomnia and able to improve concentration.
What an amazing and generous plant is the bitter orange! Indeed, from bitter orange, scientific name citrus aurantium, three different types of essential oils and a floral water are obtained, all products well appreciated both in cosmetics and aromatherapy. From the peel of the fruits of this plant the bitter orange essential oil is extracted, from the flowers the well known neroli essential oil is obtained but also leaves and branches are important! In fact, through steam distillation of leaves...
essential oils
Champaca essential oil
Painkiller, anti inflammatory and relaxing, useful in case of headache, anxiety, stress and rheumatism.
Magnolia champaca, or Michelia champaca, is a type of magnolia characterized by highly scented flowers. And is from the champaca’s flowers that essential oils rich in volatile compounds are extracted, used in the cosmetic industry to produce perfumes and in herbal field for aromatherapy. Champaca essential oil, properties – Champaca essential oil has a warm and fascinating aroma, able to warm up the heart and to bring calm and serenity. In fact, this essential oil relaxes directly the nervous ...
essential oils
Properties and dietary sources of tryptophan, the essential amino acid that helps in case of insomnia, sadness and anxiety.
Tryptophan is an amino acid discovered by two British biochemists, Hopkins and Cole, in the early 1900s and is one of the eight amino acids defined essential, that is that they are not produced by the body but have to be introduced with diet (Richard et al, Int J Tryptophan Res, 2009). Tryptophan, what is it? - Tryptophan is used by the brain to produce serotonin. Serotonin, in turn, is a neurotransmitter involved in various processes such as sleep induction, pain threshold control, thermoregu...
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Siberian fir essential oil
Antimicrobial, anti inflammatory and expectorant, useful in case of cold, sinusitis, flu and sore throat, able to remove tensions and reduce arousal states.
Through steam distillation of the branches of the Siberian fir, scientific name Abies sibirica of the Pinaceae family, a very special essential oil is obtained, able to give freshness and to purify the rooms but also useful to act against stress. In general, it is a well tolerated essential oil, even by skin. Let’s see now how to use it and how to exploit its properties, on the basis of scientific researches. Able to purify the rooms, against cold and flu – This essential oil is anti inflammat...
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Star anise essential oil
Antiviral against herpes simplex virus, antibacterial, useful for skin and mouth health, against acne, carminative, analgesic and therefore helpful to treat rheumatism, brings serenity.
Star anise, scientific name Illicium verum, is an evergreen tree with woody fruits formed by a dozen lobes arranged like a star. Each lobe carries a seed and precisely through the steam distillation of these seeds the star anise essential oil is obtained. The star anise should not be confused with the anise, Pimpinella anisum, they are in fact two different plants although their properties are similar since both contain the same main active principle, the anethole. Regarding its action, the esse...
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Food combination and cooking method, potatoes Part 2
What food you can prepare before an exam, or in case of anxiety or insomnia? Potatoes may be helpful thanks to their calming action, finally, we’ll see that French fries in some cases aren’t bad for health!.
Potatoes are edible tubers produced by the plant solanum tuberosum, belonging to the Solanaceae family. Potatoes aren’t a fatty food and, from the nutritional point of view, they are characterized by a high content in vitamins, such as group B and C, mineral salts, such as calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium, that makes the potatoes a food able to relax, proteins and anti inflammatory and antioxidant substances (Camire et al, Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr, 2009). In the previous post we have seen s...
natural remedies
Food combinations and cooking methods, potatoes Part 1
Potatoes relax and are useful in case of stress, anxiety, agitation before exams and insomnia, find out how to cook and serve potatoes in order to maximize their properties.
Potato, solanum tuberosum, is a plant of the Solanaceae family. The edible part of the plant is formed by tubers, the potatoes, that are the enlarged underground stems. Potatoes can be purchased either when they have reached full maturity or when their development has been interrupted, in this case we speak of new potatoes. Be careful in case of germinated potatoes because solanine, a toxic alkaloid, is produced at this stage. Therefore, the germinated potato should not be eaten. Potatoes are a ...
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