Bloating, natural remedies

Bloating, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, carminative, digestive and antispasmodic properties, indicated in cases of poor digestion, to get rid of intestinal gas, to find relief from stomach cramps and intestines, vomiting, hiccup, purifying and diuretic action, against cellulite and water retention.
Dill, Anethum graveolens, is an aromatic and medicinal plant of the Umbelliferae or Apiaceae family, it has an aroma similar to that of fennel and contains nitrogen and aromatic compounds and mucilage that give to this remedy carminative, antispasmodic and analgesic properties. Dill helps cleanse the body and fight water retention, it has also anti-inflammatory substances and contains important antioxidants to strengthen the immune system, the plant promotes the elimination of intestinal gas and...
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Carminative, digestive, antispasmodic and anti-fermentation properties, help in case of colic, stomach cramps, indigestion, flatulence and a swollen belly, diuretic properties useful for kidney function and urinary tract health, protects the liver function.
Tanacetum balsamita, also known as balsam herb, costmary or mint geranium, is a plant of the Asteraceae family, already known by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, nowadays is widely spread in Europa, Africa and America. It can also be called the Bible leaf, because flowers and leaves of this plant were used in the past as a bookmark in bibles. The plant is known for its balsamic properties, it has indeed a mint-like fragrance, it has also carminative, anti-fermentation, digestive, antispasmodic ...
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Digestive and tonic for the digestive system, useful in case of indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, febrifuge, remedy for limb pain, heavy legs, rheumatism, tonic for the circulatory system, angina pectoris, coronary insufficiency.
Lilac (Syringa) comes from the Balkans and the Middle East, it belongs to the Oleaceae family and is characterized by purple or white flowers gathered in panicles. It’s a very bitter plant and this feature makes it an excellent remedy for the digestive system in case of poor digestion, bloating and diarrhea. Lilac is also a good remedy to lower the fever, but it is also used in case of rheumatism or pain in the limbs caused by stand-up jobs, excessive sedentary lifestyle, sports. Finally the gly...
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Antioxidants, protection of stomach and liver, against abdominal bloating and colic, helpful in case of cough and cold, can help to lose weight, against anemia thanks to its content of iron.
Cumin is an ingredient of curry, but it can be used also as a spice in order to give more flavor to dishes. Cumin contains antioxidants, it protects the stomach and the liver with an anti-cancer effect and it has important digestive and carminative properties against abdominal bloating and to stimulate the activity of pancreas and the correct assimilation of food. This spice has also anti-inflammatory properties and is very useful in order to heal illnesses of the respiratory tract. In addition...
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Tonic action in case of stress and tiredness, antispasmodic properties, able to soothe menstrual and abdominal cramps, carminative effects, detox action, anti-inflammatory, helpful in case of headache and rheumatism, useful to prevent and treat cold, against depression or low self-confidence.
Angelica is a plant with umbrella-like flowers rich in healthy properties. Angelica has antispasmodic properties, it is tonic, anti-inflammatory, and has also detox and carminative effects. Thanks to these properties angelica is able to soothe menstrual and abdominal cramps and prevents the formation of intestinal gas. Useful in case of headache and rheumatism, angelica is also able to fortify bronchi and lungs. Do not take angelica during pregnancy and lactation or in case of sun exposure ...
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Help stomach in case of poor digestion, abdominal bloating, nausea, decongestant action.
as Herbal tea - Prepare a herbal tea with peppermint or pennyroyal. Take two tablespoons of fresh leaves in one liter of boiling water. Infuse for 5 minutes, strain and drink up to three cups a day. You can also use dried mint leaves. Long-term use or too high quantity can be related to insomnia. Essential oil – in case of headache apply some drops of peppermint in the temples and massage. Peppermint essential oils has also a decongestant action, for this reason, if you have a cold or stuffy...
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Hemorrhoids, constipation, abdominal bloating.
Yarrow is a very helpful plant in case of hemorrhoids but it can also be useful in case of constipation and abdominal bloating. Yarrow can be taken as herbal tea as well as sitz-bath. As herbal tea- infuse one tablespoon of dried yarrow in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain and drink. Sitz bath - add 100 gr of yarrow in 1-2 liters of boiling water, let stand for 20 minutes, strain and add this herbal tea to the water for the sitz-bath....
natural remedies
Help digestion, against abdominal bloating.
Bring a cup of water to the boil, remove from heat and infuse ½ teaspoon of coriander seeds for 10 minutes. Filter and drink....
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