Brittle skin, natural remedies

Brittle skin, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 46, the almond tree and the myth of Acamante and Phyllis
Sweet almond oil counteracts stretch marks and ground almonds ca be an amazing skin peeling, here you can find small recipes inspired by almonds for your daily beauty.
A Greek myth tells that Acamante, son of Theseus, while traveling to the city of Troy together with the Greek army, stopped off in Thrace. It was there that Achamante met Phyllis, a Thracian princess. The two fell in love but Acamante soon had to leave to fight a war that would last ten years and ended only thanks to the trick of the astute Ulysses to give the Trojans a wooden horse that actually had Greek soldiers inside. After the war, all the heroes returned to their homes, all except Acamant...
natural remedies
Natural cosmetic, little and simple home remedies against dull skin
Carrot, green tea, rooibos and sugar, here are the allies for a luminous skin, able to counteract dull skin but also wrinkles and acne!.
Tiredness, anxiety and insomnia, here are some causes of a dull skin. But there are some very effective remedies for a bright skin, without dark spots and that looks rejuvenated. And these remedies come directly ... from the kitchen! Let’s see how to prepare at home with the ingredients that are available or that can be easily found at the supermarket powerful beauty cosmetics, suitable both for young skin and mature skin with wrinkles. Carrot – Rinse two carrots and remove the ending parts. B...
natural remedies
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