Calculosis, natural remedies

Calculosis, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Useful in case of cough, bronchitis and asthma, diuretic, counteracts the formation of stones, calming action in case of abdominal pain caused by abundant menstruation, abdominal cramps and renal and biliary colic.
Visnaga, also called kella, scientific name Ammi visnaga, is a plant of the Apiaceae family. This remedy was already known to the ancient Egyptians and Arabs who used it to treat kidney colic. Nowadays it is possible to find mother tincture obtained from visnaga seeds in herbalist’s and chemist’s shops. So let's see now, on the basis of scientific research, the properties of this herbal remedy. Visnaga, properties - The mother tincture of visnaga is appreciated for its spasmolytic action, also...
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Purifying action on liver, spleen, pancreas and kidney, useful in case of urinary tract infections but also urinary gravel and stones, removes toxins, for external use helpful in case of pimples, eczema, dermatitis, wounds and dull skin.
The cleavers, also known as goosegrass or bedstraw, scientific name Gallium Aparine, is a plant belonging to the Rubiaceae family, that includes also the asperula, and is characterized by hooked hairs that grow out of the stem and leaves. As a remedy the cleavers has purifying, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, especially indicated to purify kidney, liver, spleen and pancreas, helps remove toxins but it is also useful in case of urinary gravel and stones and to counteract urinary tract ...
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Bladder cherry
Antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, helpful against the urinary tract infections, water retention, gout, excess of uric acids and stones, purifying action on the liver, able to support the immune system and for the health of the eyes.
The bladder cherry, scientific name physalis alkekengi, is a perennial plant of the family of the Solanacee, which includes also eggplant, potato and tomato. This plant is native to Europe and Asia and is characterized by small, round and orange fruits very similar to small tomatoes and covered by a five-lobed corolla, for this reason bladder cherry is also called Chinese lantern. These berries had already been known by ancient people, the Greek physician Dioscorides indeed used them for their d...
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Diuretic and antioxidant properties, helpful to prevent stones, useful in case of water retention and cellulite, digestive action, good for concentration, energy, able to lower bad cholesterol LDL, weight-loss effect.
Mate, also known as yerba mate, is a South American traditional infused drink. This herbal tea is rich in caffeine, for this reason it results a good choice in case of tiredness or if you need high concentration. In addition to this, mate has also antioxidant properties, it has a diuretic effect by helping the kidneys to work, it is a remedy in case of water retention, cellulite and to prevent stone formation, it improves blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism. But mate has also a weigh...
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Water trefoil or buckbean
Remedy in case of poor digestion or lack of appetite, febrifuge properties, helpful in case of rheumatism or calculosis, useful to treat acne or skin irritations.
Water trefoil, or buckbean, is a plant whose leaves are a valid remedy in case of poor digestion or lack of appetite. In addition to this, the buckbean has also febrifuge, diuretic and detox properties, useful in case of fever, flu, rheumatism, calculosis or other bladder problems. If applied on the skin, it is helpful in case of acne or skin irritations. During pregnancy or lactation, it is better to ask the doctor before taking buckbean. Herbal tea – leave to brew 10 gr of leaves in ½ liter...
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