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Feverfew, a plant of health and beauty
Feverfew, scientific name Tanacetum parthenium, is a plant of the Asteraceae family very similar to chamomile. Feverfew, properties - The remedy has a long herbal tradition as a medicinal plant and has been the subject of various scientific researches. It results that feverfew, thanks to its powerful active ingredients such as sesquiterpene lactones, especially parthenolide, and flavonoids, has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic action and therefore is a useful reme...
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White peach
Peaches are the fruits of summer, juicy, scented and also really healthy. Peaches are classified on the basis of their flesh color, white, the original color of the fruit, and yellow, that has occurred as a consequence of mutations of a gene, CCD4. This gene, according to a scientific study performed by researchers of Udine University (Falchi et al, Plant J, 2013), is responsible of the degradation of carotenoids, the pigments that give the red and yellow color. In white peach the gene works pro...
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Red pepper
Peppers, capsicum annum, belong to the Solanacee family, widely used in cooking because they can be very versatile and able to make all dishes more colorful, they have also important healthful properties. First of all, peppers contain mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium, but they are also an important source of vitamins such as A, group B, E but especially C. Moreover, red peppers have a high quantity of beta carotene with a powerful antioxidant action, usefu...
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