Dull hair, natural remedies

Dull hair, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Cottonseed oil, for a young skin and soft hair
Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging, protects the skin barrier, promotes cell turnover, counteracts damage from the sun's rays and the formation of dark spots, soothes itching, makes the skin elastic and the hair soft and shiny.
But don’t you use cotton to make clothes? Of course, but through the cold pressing of its seeds another product with interesting cosmetic properties is obtained, the cottonseed oil. Cottonseed oil has been known since ancient times in Africa, North America and Asia, in fact, it has been possible to unearth, during archaeological excavations, tools for grinding the cotton dating back to the first century AD! Cottonseed oil can also be integrated into the diet, today, however, we will focus on its...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 22, the beauty treasures of Polynesia
Coconut, pineapple and hibiscus, we discover the beauty treatments of Polynesian women for radiant skin and healthy hair, against wrinkles, dull skin, irritations and dandruff.
To travel you don't always need to take planes, trains or cars. Sometimes, just close your eyes and feel the scents of faraway lands, which taste of sun, sea and breeze. Like the sweet smell of pineapple, the exotic scent of coconut and the sour note of hibiscus that speak to us of the breathtaking landscapes of Polynesia, where the sea water seems crystal and the nature pulsing of life and colors merges with the sky. Polynesians love to take care of their beauty with the fruits that the earth o...
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Orange flower water
Soothing, antiseptic and calming, useful in case of acne, couperose, dry and dull skin, excellent moisturizing eye contour, able to make the hair scented and luminous.
Through steam distillation of the flowers of bitter orange, citrus aurantium of the Rutaceae family, two very interesting products are obtained, the essential oil, called neroli essential oil and characterized by a fascinating fragrance, and a special water, the orange flower or orange blossom water. Both, essential oil and water, are used for cooking to aromatize desserts, just a few drops are needed, but they are also powerful cosmetics. Orange blossom water, cosmetic properties - Orange blo...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 8, Semiramis’s beer
Today we get inspired by the beauty routine of the legendary queen of Babylon Semiramis in order to make our hair healthy and glossy.
It is said that the legendary Assyro - Babylonian queen Semiramis made the bath in beer to make the skin elastic and renewed and, above all, to strengthen the hair. After all, Semiramis was very careful to take care of her beauty. In fact, according to the legend, she was the first who created the first natural cosmetics obtained from the phytocosmetic plants that the queen grew on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. So, why not take inspiration from Semiramis and create by ourselves simple but effe...
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Elmleaf blackberry honey, beauty cosmetic and natural remedy
Antioxidant and antipyretic properties, useful in case of inflammation and mouth ulcers, against the flu, for cosmetic use makes the hair shiny, strengthens it and helps to counteract dandruff and itching of the scalp.
Elmleaf blackberry, also called bramble, scientific name Rubus ulmifolius, is a species of wild blackberry belonging to the Rosaceae family. The bramble is a remedy of tradition thanks to its powerful anti-pyretic properties, therefore useful to counteract the fever, and to its antioxidant effect given by some phenolic compounds such as ellagitannins (Martins et al, Food Funct, Jun 2014 - Niaz et al, BMC Complement Altern Med). These healthful properties are also transferred to honey that is obt...
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Baobab oil, cosmetic use
Vitamins and mineral salts, antioxidant and anti-aging properties, if applied on the skin able to fight wrinkles, dry and cracked skin and blemishes, soothes burns and redness, also beneficial for the beauty of hair and nails.
Through the cold pressing of the seeds of the baobab, Adansonia digitata, a beauty oil with soothing, moisturizing, smoothing, anti-aging and regenerating properties is extracted. This special oil for skin, hair and nails contains fatty acids such as linoleic acid, the most present, and oleic and palmitic acids. These substances are very important to hydrate the epidermis, to protect the skin barrier, to regenerate the epithelial tissues and to counteract aging processes (Razafimamonjison et al,...
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Macadamia nut oil
For mature and acne prone skin, able to nourish and balance the sebum production, tonic effect and useful to prevent stretch marks, gives vitality to dull hair.
In the previous post we have seen the properties of Macadamia nuts, a type of oily fruit with a taste that reminds that of coconut, an anti-inflammatory action and a protective role on the cardiovascular system. From Macadamia nuts an oil is extracted, this oil may be used both for cooking, thanks to the high content in monounsaturated fats, the good fats for the heart, and the high smoke point, around 210 °C, but also, and especially, in cosmetics. In the article of today we will speak about th...
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Slow Cosmetique, Hair
For healthy, vital, shiny and silky hair without using products full of silicones, petroleum derivatives and too aggressive surfactants.
Slow Cosmetique is a movement that was born in Belgium but now is growing all over the world with the aim to make every consumer aware of the real needs of skin and hair and able to choose products that are not harmful for health or for the planet. It is also important to dedicate time to yourself, if only for a few minutes, but with all your attention in order to give importance to every gesture. In previous posts, we have already seen how to treat facial skin, and what about hair? A lot of pro...
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Pistachio oil
For cosmetic use is helpful for skin and hair, it regenerates them, antioxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, able to speed up the tissue regeneration processes, makes the skin luminous, silky and soft, moisturizing action, able to protect the skin from the external agents and sun damages.
Pistachios are the seeds of the tree Pistacia vera belonging to the Anacardiaceae family. Today we will not speak about the seeds of the plant, already described in a previous post, but we will learn the properties of another, very interesting, product obtained, through cold pressing, from these seeds, namely the pistachio oil. This oil is naturally rich in antioxidants, in particular vitamin E, beta-carotene, lutein and tocopherol, brings omega 3 fatty acids and is well appreciated also in cosm...
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Coconut oil
For cosmetic use, antioxidant, soothing, antiseptic and nourishing properties, useful to treat dry skin, eczema, itching, cellulite, helpful also for the beauty of the hair that makes luminous and protects if damaged by protein loss, against dandruff, can be used as a toothpaste, acts as a teeth whitener, against dental plaque formation and cavity.
Coconut oil is an oil obtained through cold pressing of the dry pulp of the coconut. This oil is solid at temperatures below 25°C and is rapidly growing in popularity thanks to its particular properties. We don’t speak about the possible use of coconut oil for cooking, this use is indeed still very debated and there are different opinions about its safety, some people think that coconut oil can cause an increasing in LDL cholesterol levels, on the contrary other people are sure that the content ...
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Flaxseed oil (for cosmetic use)
Interesting properties in cosmetic field, helpful for the skin, makes the skin elastic, soft and hydrated, against skin irritations and inflammations, useful if applied on chapped skin such as that of elbows, heels or hands, useful for the beauty of hair, makes the hair soft and strengthens it, against dandruff and split ends.
Flax, scientific name Linum usitatissimum, is a plant of the family of Linaceae very appreciated thanks to its properties. Flax indeed, besides providing fiber to obtain tissue, paper or rope, is known for its seeds that are used to extract, through cold pressing, a precious oil, rich in fatty acids and with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This oil, when used raw to season salads and vegetables, is beneficial for health but it has also other interesting applications, it plays indee...
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Rice bran oil
Anti-inflammatory action, useful against cystitis, able to lower cholesterol and this effect has been proven by scientific studies, acts by stimulating the thyroid in case of hypothyroidism, soothes skin irritations and redness if applied externally, useful in case of cracked, burnt skin, helpful against the formation of wrinkles, hydrates and strenghtens dry hair.
The rice bran oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from the seed of the rice plant. This type of oil has interesting beneficial properties for the body, indeed it’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins, including E, and has anti-inflammatory, hypocholesterolemic and anti-aging effects. Scientific studies, such as the work published in 1980 on the journal Endocrinologia japonica, have highlighted the ability of rice bran oil to balance thyroid hormones in case of hypothyroidism. In addition to this...
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Chestnut honey
Vitamins and mineral salts, energy food suitable for sporty people or in case of illnesses, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, against constipation, powerful antimicrobial action shown by scientific study, useful in case of ulcer in order to protect the stomach, for external use soothing and moisturizing properties, for irritations of the skin, dull and brittle hair, able to improve circulation.
Chestnut honey is obtained from the flowers of chestnut tree, it’s got a deep amber color and a slightly bitter taste. This type of honey is characterized by anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, for this reason it can be used in case of colds, flu, sore throat, cough but it can also improve the intestinal functionality and acts with an anti-microbial effect. Indeed, a study carried out in 2013 by a group of Spanish researchers and published on the scientific journal Food and Function...
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Castor oil
Strong laxative, cosmetic properties for skin, hair, nails, lips and eyelashes, helps to soften calluses and corns, softens and moisturizes the cracked lips, strengthens brittle nails, fortifies eyelashes and makes glossy and healthful dull hair by balancing also the production of sebum, helps in case of skin irritations and itching.
The castor bean or castor-oil-plant, scientific name Ricinus communis, is a plant belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. From the castor seeds an oil is obtained, the famous castor oil, strongly laxative due to a toxic substance, the ricinoleic acid in it contained. Used in case of constipation it should be taken at small doses, away from meals and for very limited periods of time, a couple of days at most, mixed with a juice to mitigate its unpleasant taste. Always ask your doctor for advice an...
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Argan oil
For cosmetic use, emollient, regenerating and moisturizing properties, ideal for massages and to be applied on skin, lips, hair and nails, helpful against wrinkles, stretch marks, shaving, waxing or diaper irritations, dry and cracked lips, brittle hair and nails.
From the seeds of the Argania spinosa plant, that grows in the south of Morocco, the argan oil is extracted. This oil is mainly used in beauty preparations for external applications but, in the countries of origin such as Morocco or Algeria, it can also be used in cooking. Argan oil for cooking use has a different preparation than that used for the skin care, in fact if used for cooking the fruit is roasted otherwise it is cold pressed, making it clearer. In this article we focus on argan oil fo...
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It protects hair, fortifying and restructuring properties for brittle, dull and frizzy hair, helps soothe and treat seborrheic dermatitis, which often causes hair loss, anti-wrinkle treatment for skin.
The sapote, also called Caribbean apricot, is the fruit of Pouteria sapota, a plant native to Central America and belonging to the Sapotaceae family together with argan and shea. From the seed of sapote an oil is obtained, rich in antioxidants, anti-aging substances and characterized by fortifying and restructuring properties, the oil is used mainly in case of brittle and dull hair in order to make them glossy and healthy and to combat seborrheic dermatitis, that often causes hair loss. The sapo...
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Antioxidants, vitamin C and mineral salts, able to strengthen the immune system, helpful to improve the sleep, external use for irritated skin, acne, psoriasis and brittle hair.
Rooibos is a member of the Fabaceae family and comes from South Africa. The leaves of this plant are used to prepare an herbal tea, called rooibos or redbush tea, with important healthy properties for the body. Rooibos doesn’t contain caffeine, for this reason you can drink it also in the evening, it is rich in mineral salts, such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and calcium, vitamin C and polyphenol. Rooibos is also able to lower cholesterol, promotes calm and sleep and can be drunk by ch...
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Against stress, remedy in case of bellyache, stomach pain, diarrhea, flatulence, painful menstruation, useful in case of migraines and neuralgias, able to heal wounds, skin irritations, remedy in case of toothache, can lighten and strengthen hair, useful in case of conjunctivitis and inflammations of eyelid.
Chamomile is a well known natural remedy. There are different types of chamomile but the most used are common chamomile and Roman chamomile, with very similar properties but Roman chamomile is very rich in essential oils. Let’s see the possible applications of chamomile. Herbal tea – In case of stress, stomach pain, bellyache, diarrhea, flatulence but also painful menstruation you can try the chamomile herbal tea. Boil water, then remove it from heat and leave to brew one tablespoon of dry cha...
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Apple cider vinegar
Remedy for glossy hair, able to remove limescale, useful in case of dermatitis on the scalp, against lice, overweight, useful to purify the liver.
Apple cider vinegar is an important remedy for the health and beauty of hair. Add a glass of apple cider vinegar to one liter of warm water and rinse your hair, do not rinse again with water. The smell of vinegar will vanish in a few minutes and your hair will be glossy and healthier, because vinegar removes limescale and shampoo. Apple cider vinegar can be used also in case of dermatitis that affects the scalp, in this case massage also gently the scalp after the rinsing procedure. In order to...
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