Hair loss, natural remedies

Hair loss, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Eclipta alba, the remedy that fights hair loss
Eclipta alba stimulates hair follicle growth and counteracts hair loss, it soothes itching, dermatitis and combats dandruff.
Eclipta alba, also known as bhringraj, is a plant of the Asteraceae family spread all over the world. The Ayurveda recognizes this plant as a powerful and beneficial remedy for hair beauty. But science has also been interested in the action of the eclipta alba. So let's see what resulted from the studies that have been carried out about this plant and also its uses and applications. Eclipta alba, properties - Elipta alba is an important source of beneficial substances such as triterpenes, flav...
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Lavender essential oil, the essence that you should always have with you
Calming, useful in case of insomnia, neuroprotective, analgesic in case of pain in the muscles and joints, brings relief in case of painful menstruation, promotes hair growth, fights acne, calms itching and soothes the bites of insect.
The scent of lavender smells good, clean, of lines well folded and carefully stored in the closets, of blue fields that are lost on the horizon. And it is precisely this perfume that envelops us when we open a bottle of its essential oil, obtained by steam distillation of lavender flowers. Lavender essential oil is probably one of the best known and appreciated and owes its fame to the relaxing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that characterize it and make it an essential oil to alway...
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Nutritional yeast
Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, provides vitamin B12 often lacking in a vegetarian diet.
Nutritional yeast is a type of inactive yeast obtained from the Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, which is the same used to prepare bread and beer, but in this case the yeast is active and alive. Nutritional yeast is used as a food and can be easily found in the supermarket in the form of flakes, granules or powder. Nutritional yeast not only gives taste to recipes, it also brings important nutrients. Let's try to understand better on the basis of scientific studies. Nutritional yeast, propertie...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 22, the beauty masks that come from the garden
Masks for face and hair, let us be inspired by the wisdom of the ancients to make powerful DIY beauty cosmetics, with the ingredients that we can find in the garden or at the supermarket, against hair loss, for strong and healthy hair, for radiant and hydrated skin.
Scientific studies have been dedicated to the topic, do you know that taking care of your beauty helps to counteract sadness and depression and to support good health (Kawai et al, Nihon Ronen Igakkai Zasshi, 2016)? It is not necessary to always have lotions with rare ingredients or expensive creams to feel and look better, but often small gestures and attentions, simple and self-created cosmetics with the available ingredients can be equally effective, sometimes even more! Moreover, the ancient...
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Food combinations and cooking methods, stinging nettle
Vitamins and mineral salts, especially iron, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, useful in case of stomach ulcers but also to stimulate the liver and for the beauty of nails, skin and hair.
Stinging nettle, scientific name urtica dioica of the Urticaceae family, is a plant known and appreciated for centuries for its nutritional and medicinal properties. In our previous articles we have always focused on the use of nettle as a herbal remedy, in the form of herbal teas useful to purify the body and counteract water retention. Today, however, we will go deeper in the use of stinging nettle as an ingredient for cooking. Stinging nettle, nutritional properties - Nettle brings vitamins...
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B vitamins
B vitamins are water soluble and act for the well-being of the eyes, skin, liver, kidneys, nervous system, blood flow and immune system. Let's see the main food sources.
The B vitamins are a group of eight water-soluble vitamins that play an essential role in the functioning of the body's cells. In fact, they participate in the synthesis of DNA and guarantee the good health of the nervous and immune systems (Kennedy et al, Nutrients, 2016). Since the B vitamins are not stored in the body for a long time, they should be replenished regularly through a varied diet (Schellack et al, SAPJ, 2015). Following the Mediterranean diet has shown to increase the levels of m...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 15, The Chinese remedy against gray hair
Based on science and tradition, a treatment against hair loss, it seems able to prevent the premature graying of hair.
Legend has it that a general, an elderly man with white hair and locked up in a prison for a year, survived by eating only a root that he had found in his cell, the root of He shou wu. When, a year later, the cell was opened, to everyone’s surprise, the general was not only more in force than before but he also had a beautiful dark hair. Here is how the fame of He shou wu was born, which translated means Mr. He with black hair. He shou wu is the root in the form of a dried powder from the Reynou...
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Pumpkin seed oil, the oil that protects the beauty of the skin and fights hair loss
Vitamins, zinc and fatty acids, regenerates the skin and fights the processes of aging and wrinkles, healing and anti-inflammatory, useful in case of acne and sunburn, on the basis of scientific research it helps to counteract hair loss.
Pumpkin is a powerful source of health, not only because of its pulp, but also because of its seeds. Pumpkin seeds, in particular, can be eaten as a snack or added to culinary preparations, to give a tasty and healthy note to bread, pasta or soups. But from the pumpkin seeds, through cold pressing, an oil is also obtained, with a strong smell, dark color and interesting properties that make it an excellent product both for nutrition and in the cosmetic field. In today's post we will deal with th...
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Slow cosmetique, the beauty of grapes
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, useful in case of wrinkles and acne both in the form of a mask prepared with the whole fruit and as a serum obtained from the oil of grape seeds, grapeseed oil can also be used against hair loss and dandruff.
Slow cosmetique is a movement born in Belgium a few years ago with the aim to help the consumers make an informed choice of cosmetic products, such as face creams, lotions, serums and shampoos, and understand what are really beneficial and respectful, both for the skin and the Planet. In our posts dedicated to this fascinating topic we propose each time recipes to realize 100% natural cosmetics, made with few, powerful and safe ingredients, which can often be found in the pantry of your home. To...
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Cedarwood essential oil
Useful in the case of acne, even the most resistant, dandruff, hair loss and some forms of alopecia, relaxing and calming action, helpful in case of insomnia and anxiety.
From steam distillation of the wood chips of the Cedrus atlantica tree, family of the Pinaceae, the essential oil of cedar wood is obtained. This essential oil is characterized by interesting cosmetic properties for skin and hair and a beneficial action for the mind. Now let's see the applications and properties of this essential oil that should not be used during pregnancy. Insomnia and stress - The essential oil of cedar contains cedrol, a substance that, according to scientific studies (Kag...
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Curry leaves, health and beauty
Vitamins and mineral salts, powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances, anticancer, protect the heart, fight high blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol, useful for the beauty of skin and hair by counteracting acne, wrinkles but also gray hair and hair loss.
Curry leaves … no, we are not speaking about the famous spice to season rice and sauces but about real leaves of a plant called curry, scientific name Murraya koenigii. The plant belongs to the Rutaceae family, the same as bergamot, oranges, lemons and rue, and is native to India where it is a very appreciated culinary ingredient but also the basis of various Ayurveda medicinal remedies. Nowadays you can buy curry leaves in well-stocked and online herbalists’s shops. But let's have a look at the...
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Slow Cosmetique, Panama wood
Mild hair cleanser, antioxidant and antibacterial, useful in case of dandruff, itching, oil hair or hair loss.
Dandruff, itching of the scalp and oily hair can sometimes be the result of the products we use, such as, for example, shampoos, hair masks or conditioners. In fact, aggressive surfactants, silicones, synthetic perfumes and some preservatives can irritate the skin and deplete the natural protective barrier. On the market there are different products with an INCI, the label that shows the ingredients of the cosmetic products, more natural and able to respect the skin and scalp. Alternatively, the...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 9, Cleopatra's hair
Inspired by Cleopatra's beauty cosmetics we will see how to make an extraordinary hair mask able to fight itching, dandruff, excess sebum and hair loss, leaving a nourished, soft and luminous hair.
Cleopatra was the last queen of Egypt, a very powerful woman surrounded by myths and legends that have increased her charm through the centuries. It seems that she dedicated much attention to her beauty with lotions and oils prepared with herbs and plants, such as aloe vera, which grew on the banks of the Nile, and sandalwood oil. Today we will take inspiration by Cleopatra's beauty secrets in order to protect our hair, to make it bright, to fight dandruff, itching, dermatitis, oily scalp and es...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 8, Semiramis’s beer
Today we get inspired by the beauty routine of the legendary queen of Babylon Semiramis in order to make our hair healthy and glossy.
It is said that the legendary Assyro - Babylonian queen Semiramis made the bath in beer to make the skin elastic and renewed and, above all, to strengthen the hair. After all, Semiramis was very careful to take care of her beauty. In fact, according to the legend, she was the first who created the first natural cosmetics obtained from the phytocosmetic plants that the queen grew on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. So, why not take inspiration from Semiramis and create by ourselves simple but effe...
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Hair loss, vitamins and mineral salts
Vitamins and mineral salt are essential to several life processes, moreover, according to scientific studies, there may be a correlation between hair loss and the excess or the deficiency of some nutrients.
Hair loss is a condition that may affect women but, above all, men. In these cases, there are treatments, lotions and medicines that, if recommended by an expert, are valid remedies but don’t forget the role played by diet. In fact, it has been recently released a review (Almohanna et al, Dermatology et therapy, Dec 2018) that has the purpose to understand the connection between the intake of particular mineral salts and vitamins and the health of the hair follicle. The article considers differe...
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Elmleaf blackberry honey, beauty cosmetic and natural remedy
Antioxidant and antipyretic properties, useful in case of inflammation and mouth ulcers, against the flu, for cosmetic use makes the hair shiny, strengthens it and helps to counteract dandruff and itching of the scalp.
Elmleaf blackberry, also called bramble, scientific name Rubus ulmifolius, is a species of wild blackberry belonging to the Rosaceae family. The bramble is a remedy of tradition thanks to its powerful anti-pyretic properties, therefore useful to counteract the fever, and to its antioxidant effect given by some phenolic compounds such as ellagitannins (Martins et al, Food Funct, Jun 2014 - Niaz et al, BMC Complement Altern Med). These healthful properties are also transferred to honey that is obt...
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Annurca apple
Able to reduce the bad cholesterol and to increase the good one, it counteracts hair loss and thinning hair.
Annurca is an apple native to Campania, a region of South Italy, and is also considered the queen of all the apples. Why is it so important? Because this apple is characterized by powerful and interesting properties on health and beauty, all well demonstrated by scientific researches. Annurca apple contains indeed high quantities of polyphenols and results able to keep under control the levels of cholesterol. According indeed to a study published in 2017 on the Journal of the science of food a...
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Grapeseed oil, cosmetic use
Able to protect the skin from the free radicals and aging processes, counteracts dark skin spots and the lack of tone of the tissues, moisturizing action, able to strengthen the blood vessels, useful for hair care, according to a scientific study helpful against hair loss.
Grapeseed oil is obtained through cold pressing of the grapes, the berries of Vitis Vinifera. We have already seen its nutritional benefits on the body when used for cooking thanks to its content in antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Grapeseed oil is in fact a help to counteract free radicals, the aging processes and, if inserted in a balanced diet with the intake of omega 3 fatty acids, it is also useful to protect the heart by keeping under control the levels of cholesterol. But thi...
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Aleppo soap
Moisturizing, soothing, healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, useful to treat skin with acne but also in case of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and irritations, can be used as a shampoo thanks to its anti-dandruff action, against hair loss.
Aleppo soap is a plant based soap obtained from the olive oil and a variable amount from 4 to 50% of laurel oil, that is extracted from the berries of the female plant of laurel tree. The more laurel oil the finest the soap. Aleppo soap has an ancient origin, the first archeological references of it date back indeed to 2500 B.C., made for the first time in the city of Aleppo, Syria, nowadays it can be easily found in specialized shops or perfumeries, both in the solid or liquid form. The soap ha...
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Monks cress
Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, expectorant and mucus thinning action, it is applied to treat respiratory, bronchial and pulmonary problems, colds but also urinary tract infections, useful against baldness and generally against hair loss, fortifies and revitalizes the skin scalp, slightly laxative and with purifying properties.
The monks cress, known also as garden nasturtium or Indian cress, scientific name Tropaeolum majus, belongs to the Tropeolaceae family and is native to the forests of South America. Imported by Europeans in the seventeenth century and used as a remedy against scurvy, nowadays monks cress is recommended to treat bronchial and pulmonary irritations and bladder infections thanks to the antibacterial, disinfectant, antifungal, expectorant and mucus thinning properties. Monks grass is also slightly l...
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Basil essential oil
Antiseptic, calming, decongestant and expectorant properties, useful to protect intestinal flora, able to treat diseases of the respiratory tract, calms the stomach cramps, ideal for rheumatism and muscular cramps, able to help in case of acne and to fortify hair, calms the mind and makes it active, promotes mental clarity.
From steam distillation of the leaves of basil, scientific name Ocimum basilico, plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family, an essential oil is obtained. This essential oil has decongestant, antiseptic and calming properties, in addition to this it is also able to balance the intestinal flora. You can use this essential oil in case of poor digestion but also cold, bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis, headache and migraine, rheumatism. You can apply it also on insect bites or in order to fortify the hair...
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Serenoa repens
Acts on imbalances in the male hormone system, anti-inflammatory properties, helpful in benign prostatic hypertrophy, prostatitis and androgenic alopecia.
Serenoa repens, also known as saw palmetto, is a palm tree of the Arecaceae family widespread in the Southeastern United States. The ripe fruit is rich in fatty acids, flavonoids, anti-inflammatory substances and phytosterols with a re-equilibrating activity primarily on the male hormone system, in facts it acts, in particular, on the androgen hormones by counteracting the formation of dihydrotestosterone, the active form of male sexual hormones. This dwarf palm is thus applied to treat cases of...
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It protects hair, fortifying and restructuring properties for brittle, dull and frizzy hair, helps soothe and treat seborrheic dermatitis, which often causes hair loss, anti-wrinkle treatment for skin.
The sapote, also called Caribbean apricot, is the fruit of Pouteria sapota, a plant native to Central America and belonging to the Sapotaceae family together with argan and shea. From the seed of sapote an oil is obtained, rich in antioxidants, anti-aging substances and characterized by fortifying and restructuring properties, the oil is used mainly in case of brittle and dull hair in order to make them glossy and healthy and to combat seborrheic dermatitis, that often causes hair loss. The sapo...
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Helpful in case of hormonal changes and symptoms related to hormonal problems such as acne, especially if localized on the chin, heir loss, oily skin, heavy periods and menstrual cramps, can give a relief in case of hot flashes related to menopause, useful in case of wounds that cannot heal easily, eczema.
Zinc is an important trace element for the body, essential for the good hormonal functioning. It is taken through food: source of zinc are seafood, mushrooms, meat, dried fruit, such as nuts and oilseeds especially sunflower and pumpkin seeds, on the contrary cereals, high intake of calcium and milk proteins hinder the absorption of zinc. Zinc results important for keratin synthesis, helps and promotes skin renovation, it stimulates also the collagen production. The most common symptoms of low z...
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Ylang Ylang essential oil
Relaxing and calming action, helpful in case of insomnia, irritability, depression and anxiety, able to prevent hair loss, astringent action for oily skin and acne.
Ylang Ylang is a plant that originates in Philippines, from this plant an essential oil with calming properties is obtained. Ylang Ylang is also able, at the same time, to boost vitality without effects on the nervous system. Let’s see the main uses. Relaxing action, anxiety, insomnia – Ylang Ylang essential oil gives relief in case of anger, fear, anxiety and nervous tensions. Helpful in case of depression and irritability, this essential oil is a remedy in case of insomnia thanks to the re...
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Anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and diuretic properties, remedy in case of urinary tract disorders, bleeding, sore throat, water retention, kidney stones, helpful to prevent hair loss but also in case of excessive sweating of the feet, to be used to stop bleeding including nosebleeds.
Equisetum, or horsetail, is a plant which grows wild in fields, however, it is better to buy the herb in specialized shops since there are different species of horsetail and some of these are toxic. Equisetum has an anti-inflammatory, healing and diuretic action. It has beneficial and curative properties against urinary tract infections, kidney stones, water retention and cellulite. In addition to these properties, the horsetail is a remedy to treat wounds, ulcers, sores, bleeding, including nos...
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Garden cress
Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, antianemic, febrifuge, diuretic, detox prperties, helpful in case of high level of blood sugar, remedy in case of acne, hair loss, neuralgias and toothache.
The garden cress belongs to the Brassicaceae, it is rich in vitamin C, PP, B2 and E and mineral salts such as iron, phosphorus, manganese and calcium. Cress has a powerful detox action, it has diuretic, digestive and febrifuge properties. Because of the high level of iron cress is also antianemic. In addition to this cress is a remedy in case of acne, diabetes, because it is able to lower the level of sugar in blood, neuralgias, toothache and hair loss. You can take cress in the following ways...
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Rosemary essential oil
Detox action, acne, dark spot of the skin, oily skin, joint pain, muscle pain, tiredness, able to increase memory.
Do not use rosemary essential oil during pregnancy and lactation, for children, if you suffer from epilepsy. Purification and help for digestion – To stimulate digestion and the purification from toxins take 2-3 drops of rosemary essential oil with 1/2 teaspoon of honey. This remedy is also useful to purify the liver. Anti-inflammatory property – In case of joint or muscle pain apply some drops of rosemary essential oil mixed with sweet almond oil. To clean the skin – Rosemary essential o...
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