Heart, natural remedies

Heart, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Healthy in the kitchen, salt
Salt maintains food and its main component, sodium chloride, is indispensable in various biological processes. But don't overdo the quantity. So let's see what are the effects of a diet characterized by excessive salt consumption and how to reduce it.
Homer called salt the divine substance, and in ancient times it certainly was. In fact, more than as a condiment, salt was considered essential to preserve food, meat, fish and vegetables, guaranteeing the necessary sustenance and therefore survival even in times of famine or in winter. Over time, however, salt has become the most used ingredient to flavor foods, so much that we can find salt almost everywhere, even in desserts. The problem, however, is that if on the one hand the sodium chlorid...
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Pomegranate, the properties of the whole fruit
Pomegranate grains are antioxidant, anticancer, protect the heart and brain from degeneration, support the immune system by promoting the growth of good bacteria in the intestinal microbiota, also useful against hot flashes and osteoporosis in menopause.
With its red and juicy seeds, the pomegranate is a fruit that brings joy even in the grayest autumn days. The juice obtained from the pomegranate is certainly one of the best known and most appreciated drinks, it can be purchased almost everywhere, in supermarkets and specialty shops, and is characterized by a powerful antioxidant action. However, often at the greengrocer we find the whole pomegranate fruit, what are its properties? And how can it be used in the kitchen? Let's try to understand ...
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White grapes
Vitamins, mineral salts and fiber, provides antioxidants that support the immune system, protect the brain and memory and are beneficial for the heart.
Grapes are the fruit of the vine, vitis vinifera. In fact, grapes are a grouping of fruits that form the cluster, which we can then collect from the plant or buy from the greengrocer. There are different types of grapes but generally the main distinction concerns the color of the berries, therefore dark red, sometimes even tending to blue, or greenish yellow. The color of the grape also determines its properties as grapes of different colors contain different substances. Today we talk, in partic...
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You know what you eat, the problem of the salmon
Benefits, risks and warnings on the consumption of salmon, both wild and farmed.
Salmons that swim upstream, free and healthy, thanks also to the crustaceans with which they feed and that give their flesh a natural pink color ... unluckily, this image is no longer so truthful. In fact, with the increase in salmon consumption all over the world, the need to meet this demand has caused also the growth of several salmon farms. Nowadays, more than half of the salmon served on our tables comes from farms. Salmon, properties and benefits - The strength of the salmon is due to it...
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Garlic, supplements, properties and benefits
From garlic, different types of herbal remedies are obtained, such as powdered extract, aqueous or oily extract and aged garlic, each with different properties, such as strengthening the immune system, protecting the heart or fighting inflammation.
Garlic, scientific name allium sativum, is an essential ingredient for cooking, it is excellent rubbed on slices of toasted bread and really delicious minced and added to the preparations of sauces and fillings. But garlic is also a powerful source of important substances for health. In fact, it is useful in reducing cardiovascular risk and tumors, has an antioxidant and antimicrobial effect, helps detoxification processes and is protective for the liver (Bayan et al, AJP, 2013). These propertie...
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Supports the heart and muscles, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, its deficiency causes fatigue, cramps, arrhythmias and constipation.
Potassium, symbol K, is a mineral element present in our body where it plays a very important role. Potassium, functions - Potassium is present in intracellular fluids, helping to maintain cell function and determining the amount of water within the cell itself. But potassium also affects the activity of the muscles and, therefore, also that of the heart by carrying out a protective action on the cardiovascular system and reducing the risk of heart attack and heart disease. Moreover, a high in...
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