Hormonal imbalance, natural remedies

Hormonal imbalance, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Yellow cowslip orchid
Australian flower remedy that acts on the pituitary gland, helps to re-balance the hormones after long-term intake of the birth control pill and fights memory loss, conteracts muscular and joint stiffness, from the mental point of view helps too rigid and hypercritical people.
Caladenia flava is a type of orchid native to Western Australia and characterized by a wonderful yellow flower with red streaks. From this plant a flower remedy called Yellow cowslip orchid is obtained. The remedy acts on both the body and the mind. From the physical point of view, this Australian flower helps to relieve the contractures, makes the body more flexible, removes any stiffness and, since it acts by harmonizing the pituitary gland, it can also be useful in order to re-balance the hor...
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Vitamins and mineral salts, anticancer properties, able to protect the fetus thanks to the folic acid, diuretic and astringent properties, useful in case of diarrhea, intestinal inflammations, stomatitis, urinary tract infections and sour stomach, able to balance the hormonal system.
You can use all parts of raspberry: fruits, flowers and leaves. Each part of the plant has indeed healthy properties: let’s see them in detail. Fruits – Raspberries are rich in minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, but also vitamins, especially vitamin C with anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin A, E, K and vitamins of group B. In addition to this, according to recent studies, raspberries are also a valuable source of ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant with anticanc...
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Detox action, helpful in case of hormonal imbalances, wrinkle treatment, able to protect skin from sun damages, useful in case of sunburns.
The borage can be easily recognized thanks to the hairy leaves and incredible blue flowers. Borage has detox properties and can be eaten, but remember not to eat it raw but to cook it always. In fact, if you eat a high quantity of raw borage, the substances contained in the plant can be toxic for the liver. For this reason, in order to avoid problems, cook borage and in this way you will take advantage from the detox action of borage. In addition to this, borage contains also phytoestrogens and ...
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Sore throat, toothache, aphthae, acne, hormonal imbalance.
As herbal tea – In case of sore throat, toothache and aphthae prepare a herbal tea with sage and chamomile against inflammation. Boil 250 ml of water, then low the heat and add one tablespoon of chamomile flowers and one tablespoon of dried sage. Cover and let boil for 10 minutes, remove from heat and filter. DO NOT DRINK, this herbal tea is used to gargle and mouth rinse but it should not be drunk. Mother tincture –In case of acne localized on the chin or for hormonal imbalance you can take...
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