Memory, natural remedies

Memory, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
White grapes
Vitamins, mineral salts and fiber, provides antioxidants that support the immune system, protect the brain and memory and are beneficial for the heart.
Grapes are the fruit of the vine, vitis vinifera. In fact, grapes are a grouping of fruits that form the cluster, which we can then collect from the plant or buy from the greengrocer. There are different types of grapes but generally the main distinction concerns the color of the berries, therefore dark red, sometimes even tending to blue, or greenish yellow. The color of the grape also determines its properties as grapes of different colors contain different substances. Today we talk, in partic...
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Basil, the seedling of health
Antispasmodic and carminative, counteracts digestive problems and swollen abdomen, strengthens memory, anticancer, insect repellent, antiviral, helps to keep blood sugar and fat under control.
Basil, Ocinum Basilicum, is an aromatic plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae family that includes also lavender, oregano and mint. Basil is easily grown in pots and makes a fine show in gardens, vegetable gardens and balconies. The scent of basil calms and drives away insects but also its leaves, if added to dishes, are really interesting thanks to their properties for health. So let's try to understand the properties of basil and how to use it in the kitchen. Basil, properties - Basil provides...
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Kukicha green tea
Supports the immune system, fights anxiety and stress and high blood pressure, improves cognitive function, anticancer, low in caffeine and therefore lends itself to being drunk even in the afternoon.
Lot of small sticks and twigs, this is kukicha green tea, a very particular Japanese tea that differs from other teas that are in the form of leaves. The aroma of kukicha green tea is sweet and stands out from other Japanese green teas that, on the other hand, have a scent that reminds of freshly picked grass. So let's see the types of kukicha, the properties and the preparation of this particular tea. Kukicha tea, types - Whether it's gyokuro, sencha or kukicha, the plant from which green tea...
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Antioxidant properties, supports the immune system and counteracts cognitive decline, counteracts the development of chronic diseases, protects the skin.
Beta-carotene is a substance belonging to the group of carotenoids, which are antioxidant substances synthesized by plants and which gives the bright color to different types of fruit and vegetables. Beta carotene is then converted into vitamin A in the body. Let's see why it is important to take beta-carotene with the diet, what are the properties of this substance and what are the main food sources. Beta carotene, properties – Beta carotene is a powerful antioxidant, able to counteract the d...
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Sudoku, beneficial training for the brain
Improves brain performance, attention, memory and reaction times.
Sudoku is a logic game that is widespread and appreciated all over the world. Sudoku looks like a grid divided into 9 squares, which, in their turn, contain 9 cells. The aim of the game is to insert in the empty cells a number chosen between 1 and 9 so that each cell, row and column has all the numbers between 1 and 9 without repetitions. Sudoku represents a challenge with oneself, a pleasant pastime, a puzzle. Exercising with sudoku, regardless of the final result, helps the brain processes wit...
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Matcha green tea
Vitamins and mineral salts, antioxidant, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, strengthens attention and memory without causing agitation, relaxing and anti-stress, anti-tumor effect.
Matcha is a type of Japanese green tea that is made, like the other varieties of green tea, from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. This tea is considered very valuable and is generally used in tea ceremonies. However, nowadays, the use of matcha is expanding becoming not only a ceremonial drink but also a real super drink. And science has also started to take an interest in matcha, by dedicating numerous studies to this green tea. Let's try to understand the properties of matcha, why it is consid...
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Pomegranate, juice
Vitamins, energy and powerful antioxidants, protects the brain and improves memory, supports the heart by reducing blood pressure and bad cholesterol, anti-tumor action and against free radicals.
What a wonderful fruit the pomegranate is! With a rounded shape and a hard rind, the fruit of the Punica granatum tree, or pomegranate, is a berry that contains inside its seeds of a beautiful deep red color, juicy and sweet with a slight bitter note. Pomegranate seeds are edible, can be added to yogurt or salads, pasta recipes or desserts, but they can also be used to obtain a fragrant and really healthy juice! Today we are talking about the properties of pomegranate juice. Pomegranate juice,...
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Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)
Well demonstrated neuroprotective action, able to improve attention and cognitive functionalities, antioxidant and anti inflammatory.
Bacopa monnieri, also called brahmi or waterhyssop, is a perennial herb whose fame is growing fast all over the world as a remedy to improve memory. It belongs to the ancient Ayurveda and, nowadays, it is the subject of several scientific studies to test the properties that, according to tradition, brahmi should show. Beyond the advertising catchphrases, often without a true basis, that consider bacopa a remedy able to heal quite any disorder, from heart diseases to anxiety, brahmi shows a real ...
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Mineral salts such as magnesium and iron, powerful antioxidant food with a demonstrated protective action on brain and heart, able to lower blood pressure, counteracts chronic inflammations, improves the mood and has a beneficial action in case of allergies, acts against fat accumulation and to reduce the waistline.
The plant of cocoa, Theobroma cacao, belongs to the family of Sterculiaceae and is native to south America. When the seeds are extracted from the fruits of the tree they are subjected to a multi step process involving fermentation, drying, roasting and grinding in order to obtain, as a final product, the cocoa powder that we can purchase in the shops. A fine, brown and scented powder that is commonly used for cooking, sweets, drinks but also as an ingredient of beauty cosmetics. Let’s see the pr...
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Eye exercises
We propose some ocular exercises in order to increase eye mobility, to improve the focus of objects, eyesight, the attention and the memory, an exercise useful in case of glaucoma is also described.
How is it possible to protect, or even improve, eyesight? Today we’ll see some eye exercises with the aim to increase ocular mobility, attention and memory. In fact, in the brain similar areas are dedicated to attention and ocular movements and, for this reason, by acting on a domain we may obtain benefits also in the other one (Di Noto et al, PLoS One, Mar 2013). A first exercise, developed by the American physician William H. Bates and described in his book The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treat...
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Lesser Periwinkle, mother tincture
Demonstrated hypotensive action, improves blood supply to the brain, useful in case of memory loss and high blood pressure.
Lesser periwinkle, scientific name Vinca minor, also known as dwarf periwinkle or myrtle, is a plant of the Apocynaceae family characterized by beautiful small, blue-violet flowers. As a remedy, the periwinkle has a proven hypotensive effect (Quevauviller 1955) thanks to a substance, the vincamine, which is able to lower the blood pressure and induces peripheral vasodilation. Moreover, this substance contained in the plant also has the ability to promote the supply of oxygen to the brain and thu...
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Vitamins and energy, able to support the immune system and brain capacity, improves memory, lactose free.
Ghee, or clarified butter, is a type of butter where the proteins and the water have been removed. Ghee is an ingredient of traditional Indian cuisine and is used in place of butter and oil for cooking and frying because it is characterized by a high smoke point, comparable with that of olive oil, it doesn’t burn and resists at high temperatures. But ghee has also an interesting therapeutic use thanks to the revitalizing and digestive properties, in addition to this is considered to act against ...
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Silver birch
The buds help to fight inflammations and infections, rhinitis, gout and rheumatism, the seeds are useful in case of mental fatigue, anxiety, memory and concentration problems, help before and during exams.
Silver birch, also known as Betula pendula or warty birch, belongs to the Betulaceae family, it is a very resistant tree about 20 meters tall with a white and smooth bark. From this type of plant two glycerin macerates with different applications are prepared, one obtained from the buds, with anti-inflammatory properties, while the other, obtained from the seeds, is used as a support for cognitive functions. But let's see better in detail. Buds - Silver birch buds stimulate the activity of the...
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Able to lower the cholesterol, helpful for the nervous system, strengthens memory and brain functions, prevents the formation of gallstones, protection for the liver, boosts metabolism, in cosmetic you can use lecithin in order to make a mask for dry hair.
Lecithin comes from the ancient Greek lekithos that means egg yolk, because this substance was obtained for the first time by the French chemist and pharmacist Maurice Gobley from the egg yolk. Lecithin belongs to the family of phospholipids and is characterized, due to its chemical composition, by the ability to keep together water and fats that normally are not miscible. Lecithin acts as an emulsifier and, for this reason, it is used in the food industry, for example to prepare sauces, creams,...
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Yellow cowslip orchid
Australian flower remedy that acts on the pituitary gland, helps to re-balance the hormones after long-term intake of the birth control pill and fights memory loss, conteracts muscular and joint stiffness, from the mental point of view helps too rigid and hypercritical people.
Caladenia flava is a type of orchid native to Western Australia and characterized by a wonderful yellow flower with red streaks. From this plant a flower remedy called Yellow cowslip orchid is obtained. The remedy acts on both the body and the mind. From the physical point of view, this Australian flower helps to relieve the contractures, makes the body more flexible, removes any stiffness and, since it acts by harmonizing the pituitary gland, it can also be useful in order to re-balance the hor...
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Anti-inflammatory, laxative and antioxidant properties, help to control blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, promote brain function, remedy in case of nervousness, respiratory tract infections, sore throat and neuralgia.
Jujubes are the fruits of the jujube, or Ziziphus jujuba, a plant of the Rhamnaceae family also known as the Chinese date. Jujubes help to regulate blood pressure, have laxative properties but have also a digestive, disinfectant and antioxidant effect against free radicals. These fruits are rich in vitamins A, B and C, useful in protecting and strengthening the immune system, bring mineral salts such as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, improve brain performance and help to fig...
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Bee Pollen
Vitamins, proteins, minerals, antioxidants, boosts the immune system, adaptogenic properties, helpful in case of stress and physical and mental fatigue, detoxifying effect, provides energy, improves intellectual activity and metabolism, lowers cholesterol, strengthens walls of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory properties, helpful in case of prostatitis and benign prostatic hypertrophy.
The bee pollen is collected by the bees from the flowers and brought to the hive, where it is picked to become a powerful supplement for humans. The granules of bee pollen are generally yellow and contain, in fact, proteins, essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6, sugars, vitamins, including vitamin A, group B, C, D, E, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, copper, zinc and magnesium, and antioxidants. Bee pollen strengthens the body, by helping to deal with stress and ph...
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Rhodiola rosea
Adaptogen plant, it helps the body to improve the resistance during periods of physical and mental stress, remedy in case of weakness, able to improve memory and concentration, it decreases excess fat.
Rhodiola is a plant that grows at high altitudes, in high mountains. It has antioxidant properties and it is used in case of physical and mental weakness, apathy, listlessness. Rhodiola is indeed an adaptogen plant, it helps the body to adapt to stress and it improves strength. It is able to enhance memory and concentration and, in addition to this, rhodiola helps reduce excess fat by acting on metabolism. In case of high blood pressure or if you are taking drugs it is always better to ask your ...
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Energy for the body, toning and stimulating properties, helpful during stress, weakness and mental and physical fatigue, able to improve memory and concentration, able to speed up the metabolism, aphrodisiac.
Guaranà is a plant originated in the Amazonian rainforest. Guaranà contains caffeine and for this reason it has toning, energetic, stimulating and exciting properties. It is able to improve concentration and to give energy in case of weakness, in addition to this the guaranà speeds up the metabolism and can be helpful to reduce the excess of body fat. For the same reasons it is better not to use guaranà in children, if you suffer from high blood pressure or hyperthyroidism or arrhythmia. Finally...
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In case of debilitated body, tiredness and stress ginseng has stimulant properties, energizing and tonic action, it improves memory and concentration, It helps to control the blood sugar, aphrodisiac properties.
Ginseng is a plant from the Araliaceae family and is known for its stimulant, tonic and energizing properties for the body. Ideal against stress or in cases of debilitated and tired body, it helps the body to adapt himself, it fortifies the immune system and improves memory, reflexes and concentration. Ginseng has also an hypoglycemic action, which helps to keep your blood sugar under control, and aphrodisiac properties. You can find the ginseng as mother tincture, in this case you can take 30 d...
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Antioxidant and cleansing properties, vitamins and minerals salts, it counteracts the weaknesses, improves memory and concentration, helpful to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, able to increase the sense of satiety.
Spirulina is a green-blue microalgae that lives in lakes, therefore it contains little iodine. This algae is rich of healthy substances and nutrients, so much that it is counted among the “super foods”. Spirulina is reach in chlorophyll, an antioxidant that helps against free radicals, is able to strengthen the immune system and can also purify the body from heavy metals. Spirulina contains also vitamins, such as vitamin A and those from group B, C and E, mineral salts such as iron, magnesium, m...
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Dark chocolate
Mineral salts and vitamins of group B, protective action against cancer and cardio-vascular illnesses, able to improve memory and concentration, able to satisfy the desire of sweet.
If you enjoy eating dark chocolate you will be happy to know that it has also healthy properties. But you should choose dark chocolate, this means chocolate that contains high amount of cocoa, at least 70%, because milk increases calorie and fat and cancels the effect of the molecules inside the chocolate and, as a consequence, the healthy action. Cocoa contains polyphenols, the same quantity as a cup of green tea. Polyphenols have a protective action against cancer and cardio-vascular illnesse...
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Vitamins and mineral salts, energetic, helpful in case of stress and poor concentration, able to improve memory, can strengthen the immune system and can help during the premenstrual syndrome or in case of menstrual cramps, aphrodisiac action, for male and female fertility, can help in case of impotence.
Maca is a plant native to Peru. The most important part of maca is the root, also called Peruvian ginseng, with important healthy properties and used also by Incas. The properties of this plant are probably due to the fact that maca lives in the high Andes with important temperature range, this forces the plant to develop a mechanism of auto-protection. First of all, maca is rich in iron, zinc, calcium and vitamins A, C and of group B. Maca is also energetic and can be very helpful in case of s...
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Klamath blue green algae
Source of vitamin B12, chlorophyll and omega-3 fatty acids, anti cholesterol and antioxidants properties, tonic for mind and body, able to reduce the inflammations and to control emotional.
Klamath blue green algae comes from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon. You can find capsules of this algae in chemist’s or herbalist’s shops. Why is this algae so important? First of all it is a source of vitamin B12, a very important vitamin for our body because plays a role in the formation of red blood cells and determines the health of the nervous system. Klamath blue green algae contains also chlorophyll and omega 3 fatty acids, with anti-cholesterol, antioxidants and anti aging properties. Th...
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Tonic for the body, source of energy, against stress, able to improve memory and concentration, helpful to fortify the immune system, remedy in case of flu, colds, cough, protective action for the liver.
Astragalus has been known for millennia and used by ancient Chinese medicine, it is first of all a tonic for the body, very helpful in case of stress. Astragalus gives energy, improves concentration and memory. According to recent studies, astragalus is able to fortify the immune system. For this reason, the root of this plant results very useful in case of flu or cold. Astragalus can also protect the liver by helping it restore its functions in case of illness or medicines. Even though astraga...
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Able to protect and purify the liver, can increase memory and brain efficiency, against stress and insomnia.
Schisandra contains lignans, substances very important in order to protect and purify the liver. In addition to this schisandra can help increase memory, reflexes, concentration and brain efficiency and is useful against insomnia caused by stress. Schisandra can be found as dried berries, that can be added to breakfast yogurt or that can be eaten as snack, or as tablets or herbal tea. tablets – For one month, before bed and against insomnia, stress and anxiety, try one tablet of 500 mg dry sc...
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Ginkgo biloba
Improve concentration, strengthen the memory.
Ginkgo biloba improves the blood flow to the brain, by improving as a consequence concentration and memory. You can take ginkgo biloba in capsules , one or two a day, for a month more times a year. Do not use ginkgo biloba if you are using anticoagulants...
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