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Metabolic syndrome, natural remedies

Metabolic syndrome, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Coriander, all the secrets of this precious spice
Coriander, all the secrets of this precious spice
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive and carminative, counteracts obesity and metabolic syndrome, helps in case of abdominal pain and stomach pain, strengthens the immune system and the microbiota, neuroprotective and useful for heart health, protects the skin from premature aging.
Coriander, coriandrum sativum, is a herbaceous plant of the Apiaceae family that includes also cumin, dill, fennel and parsley. Coriander has been known for millennia and traces of this plant have even been found in the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun. But what are the properties of this fragrant plant? Let's try to understand this on the basis of scientific research. Finally, we will also look at its uses in the kitchen. Be careful if you are controlling your blood sugar with drugs because cori...
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Fat burning diet Part 2, the spices cinnamon and saffron
Fat burning diet Part 2, the spices cinnamon and saffron
Cinnamon activates thermogenesis and metabolism and counteracts weight gain and visceral fat, saffron helps prevent metabolic syndrome and fights obesity.
Counteracting obesity, especially if the fat is localized on the waistline, is a question of health rather than aesthetics. In fact, several scientific studies have observed that the fat, and in particular abdominal fat, is not inert but an organ able to produce hormones and pro-inflammatory substances that in the long run may create the conditions for diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and even tumors (Coelho et al, Arch Med Sci, 2013 - Deng et al, Annu Rev Pathol, 2016). Also in t...
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