Overweight, natural remedies

Overweight, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Barley, a small cereal grain with great benefits
Antioxidant, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes and anti-obesity action, protects the heart and the microbiota, strengthens the immune system, thanks to the fibers contained in it brings a sense of satiety.
Barley is a cereal grain, scientific name Hordeum vulgare, widespread and appreciated all over the world. Barley can be found in different forms, such as flakes, grains, powder to prepare tasty drinks, but also flour that can be added to bread and pasta. Let's see what science says about the properties of the cereal and also some ideas to eat it in an enjoyable way! Barley, properties - Barley contains mineral salts, such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, zinc and selenium, vitamins...
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Cinnamon, the spice of health
Antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant, useful in the case of irritable bowel, helps keep body weight, cholesterol and blood sugar under control, protects the heart and brain.
There are aromas that make you feel immediately at home, wherever you are, and that calm you and bring serenity. I think that the scent of cinnamon is one of them. Just close your eyes and smell the spice in order to bring to mind images of warmth and family. A pinch of cinnamon makes the aroma of any dessert enveloping and fascinating! But cinnamon not only gives to dishes aroma and taste, it is also a powerful source of health. Let's try to understand better. Cinnamon, properties - From the ...
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Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral, protects the brain and heart, helps control blood sugar and body weight, improves mood and fights stress, increases concentration, when added to bread, potatoes or meat helps fight the toxicity of those carcinogenic substances that develop at high temperatures, help in case of acne.
Rosemary, scientific name rosmarinus officinalis, is an aromatic plant of the Lamiaceae family, native to the Mediterranean basin but nowadays widespread almost everywhere in the world. Rosemary is proudly displayed in gardens, vegetable gardens and balconies and, when rubbed between the fingers, its needles release a stimulating and fascinating aroma. But rosemary is also a great natural remedy, let's see what science says! Rosemary, properties - Rosemary contains active ingredients that give...
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Earl Grey, the bergamot tea that is good for health
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, protects the heart, helps lower bad cholesterol and regulates blood pressure, counteracts gastritis and intestinal inflammation, fights obesity.
Earl Grey tea is a black tea flavored with oil extracted from bergamot peel. It is named after Charles Grey, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who received as a gift a tea mixed with bergamot oil. Nowadays, Earl Grey is very popular all over the world with a lot of variations. In fact, sometimes black tea can be replaced with green, white, oolong and even rooibosh tea, the tea leaves can be mixed with bergamot extract, with its essential oil or with the dried citrus peel and other flavors ca...
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Food combinations and cooking methods, eggplants
Eggplant balls stimulate the liver and are satiating, grilled eggplants contrast overweight and constipation and are anti-aging and eggplant cream stimulates the thyroid.
The aubergine belongs to the Solanaceae family. Its fruit is a berry with a purple skin and a round or elongated shape based on the type of the plant. Eggplant fruit stimulates the liver and the thyroid, helps in case of obesity, constipation and asthenia, helps to keep cholesterol under control and is antioxidant by protecting DNA from damage and mutations (Aufiero, the therapeutic and nutritional role of food - Sukprasansap et al , Mutat Res, 2019). Let's see how to benefit from these properti...
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Flowers to eat, colors, scents and health are served Part 1, nasturtium and rose
Flowers are not only ornamental but, in some cases, they can also be eaten and are characterized by important antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity properties.
A well laid table and a colorful bouquet in the center, we are used to see in this way flowers for lunch or dinner. However, there is also another fascinating way in which flowers can make their appearance at the table, namely ... on the plate. In fact, some flowers are edible, they can be added raw to salads, appetizers or drinks, to give color, taste but also healthy properties, useful to counteract the damage of free radicals, tumors, obesity but also to protect the brain (Lu et al, Crit Rev ...
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Red onion
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, protects the liver and the heart, stimulates the immune system.
Red onion is a type of onion, Allium cepa of the Liliaceae family, with a red-purple skin and a white flesh tinged with red. Red onion, properties - The red onion is rich in antioxidant substances such as thiosulfinates, which give it the classic pungent odor, quercetin, kaempferol but also anthocyanins that are powerful substances that give to the bulb a purple color. These beneficial substances make red onion a food able to fight free radicals and infections, to stimulate the immune system, ...
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Breakfast, the most important meal of the day
Skipping breakfast is not a healthy habit since it is linked to an increase in stress, obesity, impaired blood sugar levels and nervous hunger, but it is equally important to make a healthy and high quality breakfast. We try to understand, based on scientific studies, which are the best foods to serve for breakfast.
There are those who wake up early to make a nice and rich breakfast, there are those who give themselves only the time for a brioche while getting down the stairs and there are those who just drink a quick coffee. There are those who prefer a sweet breakfast and those who prefer it savory. When it comes to breakfast, habits are really different! But what does science say about healthy choices for a good breakfast? Let's try to understand. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day - Breakfa...
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Black garlic
More antioxidant and active than fresh garlic, beneficial in case of obesity, high cholesterol, inflammation and dermatitis, protects the heart, brain and liver.
Black garlic is obtained from the normal garlic that we all know, Allium sativum, which is subjected to a special processing. In particular, the garlic cloves are fermented at a temperature between 60 and 70° C and at a very high humidity level, up to 90%, for several weeks and, as a result of a reaction called Maillard, the color of the garlic cloves turns dark. The odor is less pungent than that of fresh garlic due to the lower content in allicin that, during the process, has been converted in...
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Vitamins and mineral salts, energy, fiber, action against cholesterol, diabetes and overweight, a source of antioxidants, omega 3 and phytoestrogens.
Muesli is a mix of cereal flakes, such as oat, spelt, amaranth or barley, dry fruit, especially raisins but also apples, dried berries and bananas, and seeds, including pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and hazelnuts. Muesli is eaten for breakfast or as a snack added to yogurt or milk. Muesli, properties - Because of its composition, muesli is an energy food, rich in fiber but also vitamins and mineral salts. In addition to this, scientific studies indicate that the consumption of muesli...
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Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and antispasmodic, useful to protect the eyesight by improving the functioning of the retina, able to counteract the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, antidepressant, soothing and against insomnia.
It is a small perennial plant with a beautiful bright purple flower and red stigmas, we are talking about the crocus sativus, family of the Iridaceae, from which the famous saffron spice is obtained. Saffron, however, does not only give to the recipes a unique and exotic taste, but also has important healthy properties studied and demonstrated by scientific researches. Saffron, properties - Saffron contains carotenoids, which are antioxidant substances, such as crocin, responsible for the yell...
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Food combinations and cooking methods, the mushrooms
Vitamins and mineral salts, anti cancer properties, able to support the liver and the immune system, counteract high levels of cholesterol and blood sugar, useful in case of overweight, constipation and anemia, let’s see the best food combinations and the cooking methods that maximize the properties of mushrooms.
In June the mushrooms start growing in the woods. The mushrooms, even if they are vegetables, aren’t constituted by cellulose, such as salads or fruits, but by nitrogenous substances, carbohydrates, low fat and, in particular, proteins. And it is thanks to this characteristic that mushrooms have been nicknamed the plant based meat. But the mushrooms are also a precious source of mineral salts such as iron, zinc, magnesium and selenium that give anticancer and antioxidant properties. Mushrooms co...
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Vitamins and mineral salts, able to lower blood sugar levels, helpful to counteract cholesterol, against water retention and cellulite, able to protect the liver, the stomach and the heart, reduce the waist line.
Aronia, scientific name aronia melanocarpa, is a bush belonging to the Rosaceae family. Its fruits, called aronia berries or chokeberries, are berries that, for what concerns their appearance, remind the blueberries but the taste is a bit sourer. Aronia berries can be found in the form of dried berries or in the form of juices. Chokeberries, properties – As for the properties, aronia berries are a source of vitamin K, useful for the health of bones and the proper blood clotting, vitamin C, gro...
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Longevity diet Part 3, the Mediterranean Diet
Mediterranean Diet is recognized by science as a combination of lifestyles and food choices that may play a role in maintaining the general health of the body by counteracting the risk of developing illnesses and by helping live longer and healthier.
Living long and living well, what is the secret of this winning combination? According to the most recent scientific researches, it seems that diet, intended as the set of food choices, plays a pivotal role in determining also our health. In previous posts we discussed about the longevity diet in Okinawa, the Japanese island where the people live long and healthy. Today we’ll see another cornerstone of healthy diet studied a lot by science, the Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean diet, what is a...
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Colorful eating
Why is it important to have colorful meals? Fruits and vegetables of different colors bring also powerful antioxidants that are characterized by different beneficial actions by protecting, for example, the eyes, the cardiovascular system, or by counteracting cancers and abdominal fat.
Orange, red, green or blue, how wonderful the fruit’s and vegetable’s colors are! But these colors aren’t just joyful and fascinating but reflect also the presence of antioxidant compounds that, in addition to giving the color, determine also the healthy properties of the food. We are speaking about carotenoids, anthocyanins and flavonoids, substances that counteract the aging processes and that we can take by varying the type, and therefore the color, of fruit and vegetables that we serve on th...
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Mung beans and their sprouts
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, protein content and low caloric intake, useful in case of overweight and obesity, help to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure, in the form of sprouts powerful antimicrobial and antiviral action, proved useful also to counteract cold sores and Helicobacter pylori.
Mung bean, also called green gram or moong, scientific name Vigna radiata, is a plant of the Fabaceae or Leguminosae family. The fruits of this plant are pods that contain edible seeds characterized by a peel of an intense green color. These seeds can be found on the market both in the dried form, in this case they should be soaked in water and then cooked, or in the form of sprouts, the famous mung bean sprouts, that can also be self-produced at home. Mung beans are the most used seeds in the w...
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Lemon, peel
Lemon peel contains more antioxidants and vitamin C than its pulp, useful in cases of sour stomach, gastric reflux, stones, high blood sugar, cholesterol and high triglycerides, hypertension and obesity.
The lemon, scientific name Citrus limoni, is a plant of the Rutaceae family, the same as tangerine, orange and bergamot. The term lemon also refers to the fruit of this plant, of a beautiful intense yellow color and characterized by a rounded shape. Lemon is known and appreciated for its juice, drunk as a purifying and refreshing drink, used to dress salads or to marinate fish, meat or even fruit. But science is also interested in another part of the lemon, less used except for giving flavor to ...
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Longevity diet Part 2, drinks and foods in Okinawa
Jasmine green tea, sweet potato and soy, the foods of the people in Okinawa, let’s find out their longevity secrets.
Okinawa, an archipelago in the East China sea, is considered the country of centenarians. A special mix of healthy diet, antioxidant drinks and exercises able to keep the body flexible and active makes the lifespan of the inhabitants of Okinawa very long. In the previous post we have seen the first part of the Okinawa’s guide lines. Today we’ll the second part, according to the study of the scientists Bradley Willcox and Craig Willcox, who spent much time in Okinawa in order to understand the li...
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Longevity diet Part 1, the secret of Okinawa
What causes the people of Okinawa to live so long? The scientists are firmly convinced that the food choices are the reason of the long and healthy lifespan in Okinawa.
Okinawa is a Japanese archipelago composed by 161 lush islands surrounded by a crystal-clear sea. But Okinawa is also the country of centenarians with people that show one of the longest lifespan all over the world. The interesting thing is that in Okinawa the people live so long but also healthy, both in body and in mind. The scientists consider Okinawa an outdoor lab in order to understand the secret that allows people in Okinawa to live so long. The hormone-dependent cancers, such as, for e...
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Food combinations and cooking methods, asparagus
With diuretic, weight-loss and protective action on heart, brain and vessels, the asparagus can be eaten steamed or raw, combined with particular foods able to work in synergy and to increase its properties.
The edible parts of asparagus, scientific name Asparagus officinalis of the Liliaceae family, are its young shoots. These vegetables bring important healthy substances, such as rutin, with a protective action on the heart, brain and blood vessels, quercetin, an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antioxidant substance, but also fibers, beneficial for the gut, vitamins A, B, C, K and E, zinc and folic acid, namely vitamin B9, (Nishimuro et al, Nutrients, Apr 2015 - Ganeshpurkar et al, Saudi Pharm,...
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Chai tea
Spicy drink with digestive, antibacterial and fat-burning properties, able to protect the cardiovascular system.
Indian chai tea is not just a modern trend but it is a healthy aromatic drink with a very ancient tradition, dating back more than 5000 years ago. This tea is made with black tea, milk and a mixture of spices, including ginger, cardamom, pepper and cinnamon, which make it a digestive, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant drink, able to stimulate the metabolism. Properties - Scientific studies (Azimi et al, Rev Diabet Stud, Feb 2015) have shown that a drink prepared with black tea and 3 grams of s...
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Basmati rice
Fragrant rice, very digestible, characterized by a low glycemic index also in the white variant, suitable for diets or during convalesce.
Basmati rice is a really special variety of rice, cultivated for centuries at the foot of the Himalayan mountain ranges but nowadays readily available on the shelves of supermarkets all over the world, both in the white and whole grain version. This type of rice has an elongated shape characterized by an intense flavor thanks to the presence of an aromatic compound called 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline (Bourgis et al, Theor Appl genet, Aug 2018). The special aroma of basmati rice released by the cooked gr...
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Fat burning diet Part 12, the sirtuins
There are foods able to activate a type of proteins in our body, the sirtuins, that help to counteract fat accumulation, the free radicals and illness for a longer and healthier life, let’s see these foods and how to serve them in order to preserve all the nutrients.
Is it possible to lose weight with eating? Even if it may seem a strange thing, the answer to the question is yes, it is, according to recent, and very promising, researches that are focusing their attention on the connection between aging, diet and fat burning in a really complex but fascinating process. The shelves of the supermarkets are full of products prepared with refined flours, sugar-rich drinks, sweets with glucose syrup designed to satisfy our need of sweet and fatty food that is insi...
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Vitamins and mineral salts, powerful neuroprotective, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti cancer action thanks to the spices in curry, able to protect the lungs and the blood vessels, helps keep at bay blood sugar levels, triglycerides and body weight.
Curry is a mix of spices originating from India. This orange-yellow powder is obtained by crushing different spices and the composition of the mix varies on the basis of the type of curry, less or more spicy, and of the Country. In fact, this high aromatic mix is now widespread in all the South Est Asia with small changes in its formulation. However, the basic mix is given by turmeric, black pepper, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, saffron, nutmeg, fenugreek, chili pepper and cardamom...
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Fat burning diet Part 11, keeping on talking about fish
Tuna, mackerel, herring and sea bass are fishes with a high intake of omega 3 but may be contaminated by mercury and dioxin.
Our body gets the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids from diet, for this reason, our food choices are responsible for the intake of these important substances, both essential to our health but with different actions. In fact, omega 3 fatty acids act by counteracting inflammation, adipogenesis and fat accumulation, on the contrary, omega 6 fatty acids stimulate the inflammation processes and the fat production. The scientists Gerard Ailhaud and Pierre Weill were the first ones who understood that on...
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Fat burning diet Part 10, let’s talk about fish
For a higher intake of omega 3, anti inflammatory and able to counter the accumulation of fat, also consuming fish can be helpful, but you should know how to choose the type of fish to ensure an optimal ratio between fatty acids and to limit the intake of polluting substances.
In the previous post dedicated to fat burning diet we have seen that one of the causes of the obesity epidemic in the Western world may be the imbalance between omega 6 and omega 3 taken with the diet. These fatty acids, although both essential to the body, have a different effect, omega 6, indeed, are pro inflammatory and able to stimulate adipogenesis, omega 3 instead counteract inflammation and the production and accumulation of fat. An optimal ratio between omega 6 and omega 3, able to have ...
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Fat burning diet Part 9, the problem of milk
Milk and dairy products produced from animals fed with corn, soy and wheat present an excessive amount of omega 6 in respect than omega 3, a condition that may cause in the long run a weight gain and fat accumulation.
Until the first years of the new millennium it had not been possible for the scientists to understand the so called American paradox, although this phenomenon isn’t observed just in US but also in other Countries such as Europe. Between 1976 and 2000 American people were able to lower their intake of fats and calories but nevertheless the registered obesity was growing (D. Servan Schreiber, Anti Cancer, Sperling & Kupfer – Heini et al, Am J Med, Mar 2017). And the biggest problem for the scienti...
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Fat burning diet Part 8, teas and herbal teas, white tea and mate
White tea and mate help increase the metabolism, inhibit the formation of fat and stimulate the processes of fat disposal.
Keeping at bay the body weight and counteracting the so called "pot belly" should not be considered a question of aesthetic, but a question of health. In fact, when fat accumulates in the area of the waistline it could, in the long run, cause a state of chronic inflammation, the ideal environment for various diseases. A lifestyle that involves moderate physical activity is certainly a good choice, as well as preferring unrefined flours and rice, fruit and, above all, vegetables, but a help can a...
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Fat burning diet Part 7, the herbal teas green tea and Java tea
To counteract the dangerous fat accumulations on waistline and to fight obesity let’s see the interesting properties of green tea and Java tea.
In the latest posts we have focused the attention on the fat burning foods because, according to scientific researches, the adipose tissue, especially if localized on the waistline, may result a problem for health since it has been shown to worsen the chronic inflammations (You et al, Curr Diabetes Review, Feb 2006). A condition of chronic inflammation of the body in the long period may cause several illnesses such as cardiovascular problems, auto immune diseases, cancer but also depression (Lop...
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Fat burning diet Part 6, the spices mustard and ginseng
Mustard and ginseng are allies to keep at bay our body weight, to counteract obesity, diabetes and the excess of cholesterol, on the basis of scientific studies.
Today we will see a new chapter dedicated to that foods that, with different mechanisms, may help us fight obesity and abdominal fat. These conditions indeed can be really dangerous because they feed chronic inflammations in the body thus creating the ideal environment for several illnesses. In this first part we are focusing our attention to all that spices that, if added to our dishes, are able not just to give taste but also to reduce fat accumulation and increase energy expenditure. However,...
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