Red eyes, natural remedies

Red eyes, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Chamomile floral water, gold for your beauty
Anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing, useful in the case of acne, erythema, dry and delicate skin, red and swollen eyes, diaper irritation, excellent aftershave thanks to the tonic and calming action, antispasmodic and relaxing properties helpful in case of insomnia and headache.
During the steam distillation process of the chamomile flowers to extract the essential oil, a truly beneficial cosmetic product is also obtained, the chamomile floral water. The plant that undergoes this process can be either the common chamomile, or Matricaria chamomilla, or the Roman chamomile, Anthemis nobilis, both from the Asteraceae family. Now let's understand the properties and applications of chamomile floral water, which you can easily buy in herbalist's shops or in specialized natura...
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Rose water, liquid beauty
Antioxidant, soothing, refreshing and anti-inflammatory properties, tonic for the skin, ideal in case of wrinkles, acne, sensitive and dry skin, helpful against bags under the eyes and red eyes, remedy in case of dandruff and itchy scalp.
Rose water, or rose floral water, is a product for the beauty of face, eyes and hair that is obtained during the process of distillation of rose petals to produce the essential oil. At the end of this process, in addition to the essential oil of rose, rose water is also obtained that preserves the incredible properties of this fragrant and velvety flower. For the homemade preparation instead, the infusion of the petals is used. The petals are added to the boiling water and left to rest for about...
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Beauty, wellness and natural cosmetics, SOS tired eyes Part 2
Blue light blocking lens, water rose and exercises for eye muscles are all helpful methods in case of eye strain and red and tired eyes, are soothing and improve the eyesight.
There are several methods to give relief to tired, red and burning eyes. In the previous post we’ve seen the benefits of the herbal natural remedy Swedish bitter and particular eye exercises. Today we’ll see other remedies that may be helpful for tired eyes. Blue light blocking lens – What we call light is in fact a mix of electromagnetic waves characterized by different frequencies. Among the components of light blue light is raising many concerns because of its potentially harmful effect on ...
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Beauty, wellness and natural cosmetics, SOS tired eyes Part 1
Let's see how the bitter Swedish, a well known and appreciated natural remedy, and some eye exercises, can help to relax and to bring benefit in case of tired eyes.
How often do you have at the end of the day tired, red and burning eyes? I imagine often, especially if you work with the computer, or if you have to drive for several hours, but also reading in a room with bad lighting may cause tired eyes. Among herbal remedies, natural cosmetics, exercises and small precautions there are interesting methods able to bring relief to watery or swollen eyes, that have problems to focus the objects and burn. Swedish bitter - The Swedish bitter is a tincture obta...
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Eye exercises
We propose some ocular exercises in order to increase eye mobility, to improve the focus of objects, eyesight, the attention and the memory, an exercise useful in case of glaucoma is also described.
How is it possible to protect, or even improve, eyesight? Today we’ll see some eye exercises with the aim to increase ocular mobility, attention and memory. In fact, in the brain similar areas are dedicated to attention and ocular movements and, for this reason, by acting on a domain we may obtain benefits also in the other one (Di Noto et al, PLoS One, Mar 2013). A first exercise, developed by the American physician William H. Bates and described in his book The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treat...
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Relaxation and regeneration technique for tired eyes.
Sunning is, together with palming, one of the eye relaxation technique proposed by dr. Bates, according to which some vision problems such as myopia, presbyopia or astigmatism can be improved by doing daily exercises in order to relax the eyes. In addition to this, on the basis of this method, the exercises should not just bring benefit to the vision but play also a role in relaxing the mind to help us face the daily life with calm and serenity, and this is not a small thing! Nowadays the eyes a...
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Relaxation for eyes and mind, useful for those people who spend most of the time at computer or, in general, doing activities that cause eye strain with consequences such as difficulties in focusing things, dry eyes or burning eyes.
The eye-care physician W.H. Bates studied, in the early 1900s, a technique in order to improve eyesight in case of myopia, astigmatism or other problems related to the eyes. Among the exercises proposed by Bates here we speak about palming, that has the purpose to relax the eyes and the mind in order to counteract stress, anxiety and vision fatigue that, according to dr Bates, can cause a lot of eye disorders. Although this method hasn’t a scientific basis it has improved life quality and a lot...
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Digestive, carminative, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, oils and mother tinctures can be used for massages, useful in case of tendinitis, rheumatism, sprains, joint stiffness, rue has a beneficial action also on tired eyes, avoid home-made preparations because excessive doses may be toxic.
Rue, common rue or herb-of-grace, scientific name Ruta graveolens, is a plant of the Rutaceae family, well known and appreciated for its aroma so much that it is used as an ingredient for liqueurs and to flavor different dishes, but also for its beneficial properties. This plant, very useful in gardens because it helps keep away insects, mosquitoes, mice and vipers, is rich in essential oils that are characterized by a digestive, carminative, sedative, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action....
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Gallic rose
Astringent and tonic properties, internally used to treat diarrhea, dysentery, inflammation of the digestive tract, poor digestion, sore throat, catarrh, cold, bronchitis, for external use it helps to heal small wounds, promotes healing of bruises, sprains, the reabsorption of edema, indicated as a treatment for dark circles but also acne, blackheads, seborrheic dermatitis, wrinkles, dull skin.
The Gallic Rose, also known as rose of Provins or French rose, is admired for its beauty and color but has also important healing properties. You can collect the petals of the rose, let them dry in a cool place and then store them in a paper bag. In this way you will be able to prepare herbal teas with astringent and tonic properties, helpful in case of diarrhea, dysentery, but also inflammation of the digestive tract, poor digestion, sore throat, cold, cough and bronchitis. For external use the...
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Tired eyes, conjunctivitis, eye swelling, stye.
Cornflower floral water contains anti-inflammatory and decongestant substances and it is one of the best remedies in case of tired eyes, conjunctivitis, eye swelling and stye. Cornflower floral water can be found in herbalist’s or chemist’s shops or you can prepare by yourself. Take a handful of fresh cornflower flowers, put them in a liter of distilled water, boil for 5 minutes and let stand for half an hour. Strain and keep the cornflower water in a jar in the fridge for about one month. To...
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