Skin spots, natural remedies

Skin spots, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 34, the Taj Mahal and the beauty traditions of Indian women
Chickpea flour absorbs excess sebum, counteracts skin inflammations and removes impurities, not only that, it acts by illuminating the skin and counteracting dark spots.
For its construction, Emperor Shah Jahan spared no expense as it was the symbol on earth of his love for his beloved wife Arjumand Banu Begum. We are talking about the wonderful Taj Mahal, described as a tear drop on the cheek of time. It is said that more than 1000 elephants and buffaloes were used to carry jasper, jade, turquoise, lapis lazuli and sapphires that were then expertly embedded in the white marble giving life to minarets, domes and portals. In all, it took 22 years to erect what la...
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Natural cosmetics, such as kings and queens Part 32, peach skin
Peach oil is an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging cosmetic very useful against dry, scalded, irritated skin but also skin with dark spots caused by acne or sun.
It is said that when Alexander the Great ordered his army to cross the Ganges river and to arrive on the other side, where the enemy army was already lined up with elephants, his exhausted men refused. And one of the leaders and friends of Alexander the Great said to him, stop here Alexander, it is a sign of a great man to understand when enough. So it was that Alexander the Great had to retire and when death caught him, a few years later, at only 32 years of age, this gave to history the figure...
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Slow cosmetique, the best plant based oils against dark skin spots
Let's see how to counteract dark skin spots thanks to rosehip and castor oils, characterized by antioxidant and healing properties.
Aging processes, excessive sun exposure without the necessary precautions but also scars and pimples can cause the appearance of dark spots on the skin. But nature may be really helpful thanks to two special plant based oils, rosehip and castor oil, which, thanks to their antioxidant, firming and healing properties, are able to prevent or attenuate these spots. Rosehip oil – Rosa canina, or dog rose, is a spontaneous rose. After its flowering, on the bush grow berries, the rose hips, of a beau...
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Safflower oil, cosmetic use
Antioxidant properties, against dark spots, lightening action, useful against scars, light oil that is easily absorbed, moisturizing and nourishing, anti inflammatory, suitable for all types of skin.
Safflower, scientific name Carthamus tinctorius, is a plant belonging to the Asteracae family and native to the East. It may be used as a substitute of saffron since these two spices are similar. From the seeds of safflower an oil with interesting healthy and cosmetic properties is obtained. In this post we will focus our attention on the benefits that safflower oil may bring to the beauty of hair and skin. Safflower oil contains indeed a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as l...
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Kumkumadi Tailam
Ayurvedic oil characterized by antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, beauty serum useful in case of acne, wrinkles, dark skin spots, sunburns and eye bags.
Today we speak about an amazing plant based oil of the ancient Ayurveda tradition, Kumkumadi Tailam, that you can easily found in herbalist’s shops and online and use to improve the skin appearance, to counteract acne and wrinkles and to attenuate eye bags and dark circles. The word kumkumadi means in Sanskrit saffron, that is also the main ingredient of this beauty lotion. Kumkumadi is prepared by leaving to brew, in boiling water, different herbs such as licorice, vetiver, red sandalwood, lotu...
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Baobab oil, cosmetic use
Vitamins and mineral salts, antioxidant and anti-aging properties, if applied on the skin able to fight wrinkles, dry and cracked skin and blemishes, soothes burns and redness, also beneficial for the beauty of hair and nails.
Through the cold pressing of the seeds of the baobab, Adansonia digitata, a beauty oil with soothing, moisturizing, smoothing, anti-aging and regenerating properties is extracted. This special oil for skin, hair and nails contains fatty acids such as linoleic acid, the most present, and oleic and palmitic acids. These substances are very important to hydrate the epidermis, to protect the skin barrier, to regenerate the epithelial tissues and to counteract aging processes (Razafimamonjison et al,...
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Slow Cosmetique, How to treat skin imperfections Part 3, dark skin spots
Small gestures to counteract dark spots on the skin caused by sun exposure, hormonal changes or acne.
What we can do against dark skin spots? They may happen especially over 40 years old because of sun exposure, but they can also happen at any age and the causes can be hormonal or the consequence of inflammatory processes such as acne. The functionality of the melanocytes, the cells responsible for the production of melanin, the pigment that determines the color of the skin, alters, the melanin is produced in excess and the results are the dark spots. The natural remedies can help in this case t...
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Common centaury
Digestive and tonic properties, improves digestion, useful in cases of loss of appetite, bad breath and meteorism, protects and cleanses the liver, for external applications it has a healing and soothing action, against skin spots.
Common centaury, scientific name Centaurium erythraea, is a plant belonging to the Genzianaceae family. Its name comes from the centaur Chiron, a figure of Greek mythology skilled in medicinal herbs. According to myth, Chiron used the Centaurea to treat a wound caused by a poisoned arrow shot by Hercules. Beyond the myth, the Centaurea is characterized by interesting health and beneficial properties for digestion but also for the skin. For internal use, the remedy can be used as an infusion or m...
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Grapeseed oil, cosmetic use
Able to protect the skin from the free radicals and aging processes, counteracts dark skin spots and the lack of tone of the tissues, moisturizing action, able to strengthen the blood vessels, useful for hair care, according to a scientific study helpful against hair loss.
Grapeseed oil is obtained through cold pressing of the grapes, the berries of Vitis Vinifera. We have already seen its nutritional benefits on the body when used for cooking thanks to its content in antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Grapeseed oil is in fact a help to counteract free radicals, the aging processes and, if inserted in a balanced diet with the intake of omega 3 fatty acids, it is also useful to protect the heart by keeping under control the levels of cholesterol. But thi...
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Raspberry seed oil
For external use, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, it is cicatrizing, counteracts skin aging and wrinkles, gives to skin elasticity and tone, lightens spots, protects against UVB rays with a protection factor between 28 and 50 and has a protection factor around 7 for UVA rays.
The raspberry is a generous plant, it produces delicious fruits and can also be used as an ingredient for different herbal remedies. In addition to this, from its seeds through cold pressing, a very valuable oil especially for external applications on all types of skin is obtained. Raspberry seed oil is indeed rich in vitamins E and A, contains essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, is a powerful antioxidant, moisturizes the skin, gives it elasticity and tone, lightens the skin spots, is hea...
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Cane sugar, cosmetic use
Ingredient for homemade scrub, thanks to the glycolic acid that is contained in it has an exfoliating action, it is antiseptic, results helpful to counteract acne, blackheads but also wrinkles and dark spots.
Do you know that a wonderful and unexpected ally for our beauty comes from sugarcane, or Saccharum officinarum? Yes, because cane sugar can become an ingredient for homemade scrub and now we’ll see the reason. The cane sugar, beyond its sweetener role that will be deepened in a coming post, for external use is antiseptic and exfoliating thanks to the presence of glycolic acid, that goes deeper into skin, helps remove the dead cells that accumulate in the most external layers of skin, stimulates...
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Digestive stimulant, anti-anemic, diuretic and cleansing properties, vitamins specially C and A, mineral salts, helpful in case of conjunctivitis, insect bites, affections of the genitourinary tract, it lightens skin spots, it helps in the treatment of acne and black points.
Parsley is used to flavor and garnish dishes: from salads to omelets, side dishes and fish. The plant is rich in vitamin C, A and K, mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus, copper and is a stimulant for the appetite and digestion. Parsley also has diuretic and cleansing properties for blood and liver and, thanks to the vitamin C contained, parsley promotes the iron absorption, for this reason it is recommended for those who suffer from anemia. Parsley helps also in case of inflammations of th...
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Elemi essential oil
Against skin spots and scars, wrinkle treatment, expectorant action, useful in case of bronchitis, cough, catarrh, helpful in case of winter depression and insomnia.
Skin – Elemi essential oil has skin- regenerating properties. For this reason it can be used to treat scars, spots or wrinkles, try to add 2-3 drops of elemi essential oil to the daily cream and apply it on the skin. Steam inhalation – Elemi essential oil has expectorant properties and results very helpful in case of cough, catarrh and bronchitis. Prepare steam inhalation by adding 2-3 drops of elemi essential oil to a bowl of hot water. In the room – Elemi essential oil helps harmonize min...
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