Stomach ache, natural remedies

Stomach ache, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Dried figs
Vitamins, mineral salts, fiber, source of antioxidants, neuroprotective and hepatoprotective action, useful in case of constipation but also irritable bowel syndrome.
With the colder season it is easy to find dried figs on the shelves of supermarkets and specialized shops, small delicious beauties that you can hardly resist. Dried figs are produced by dehydration of the fig fruits, scientific name Ficus Carica. These delicacies are not only tasty, they are in fact a really healthy snack, but with some cautions as we will see. Dried figs, properties - Dried figs are an important source of vitamins, such as vitamins C and A, minerals, such as iron, potassium ...
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Natural remedies for poor digestion, how to survive the holidays
Artichoke herbal tea, coriander and cardamom seeds, chamomile and nettle tea, here are some quick remedies to help digestion.
Sense of fullness, stomach cramps and nausea can be the unpleasant consequences of Christmas’s and New Year’s day dinners and lunches, sometimes too abundant and rich in fatty foods. Fortunately, we can count on good natural remedies to deal with these symptoms. The plants that are the most beneficial and able to improve and support digestion essentially belong to three groups, bitter plants, such as artichoke and dandelion, aromatic plants, for example chamomile, mint, coriander or cardamom, an...
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Digestive, antispasmodic, carminative and soothing properties, useful in case of too abundant meal to give relief in case of stomachache, bellyache, menstrual cramps, gastritis but also lack of appetite caused by excessive nervousness.
The Masterwort, Peucedanum ostruthium or Imperatoria ostruthium, is a spontaneous plant of the Apiaceae family, the same as parsley and angelica, with which it has several similarities. Very well-known and appreciated in recent centuries, imperatoria has anti-spasmodic, soothing, carminative, anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. The remedy is therefore applied to give relief in case of intestinal and gastric disorders, abdominal cramps and meteorism, gastritis but also menstrual cramps, l...
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