Stress, natural remedies

Stress, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Silver fir, the essential oil that purifies the air and protects the lungs
Antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and calming, useful to purify the air of bacteria and fungi, fights inflammation in the lungs and relaxes after a day of work.
A warm and fascinating balsamic aroma spreads throughout the room, it is the scent of the essential oil of silver fir, scientific name Abies alba. This essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the needles and branches of this type of fir, which grows spontaneously in the forests of the northern hemisphere. But spreading the essential oil of silver fir not only brings a pleasant scent in the rooms, this essential oil is also beneficial for health, since, thanks to the active ingredients...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 40, the lavender that made Julius Caesar fall in love
Lavender is antimicrobial, healing and capable of regenerating the skin, thanks to its calming action it relaxes and removes stress, useful for counteracting insomnia.
Often the most important discoveries arise by chance, from an unexpected event, an error or an accident. Like the one we’ll tell you about today. We are in France, in 1910, the perfume and cosmetic laboratories are in great ferment and compete to invent and put on the market synthetic products and fragrances. Science prevails and nature and traditions must give way to industrial progress. And it is precisely here that in one of these laboratories an explosion develops, at the expense of Renè Mau...
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Woods, more than an anti-stress, a real stimulant for the immune system
Anti-inflammatory, antitumor and antioxidant action, supports the immune system thanks to the absorption by our body of the essential oils released by the trees, reduction of blood pressure, helpful in case of anxiety, stress, bad mood and depression.
A silent forest, where everything seems motionless but in reality beats with life. The shoes creak on the path as you make your way through ferns and mosses, the air is fresh and clean, slightly scented with aromas of resin. The forest is a unique experience to be immersed in nature, to detach from stress and to bring benefit to body and mind, so much that even science has been interested in its properties for health and a term has been coined to indicate the immersion in a woods as a regenerati...
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Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral, protects the brain and heart, helps control blood sugar and body weight, improves mood and fights stress, increases concentration, when added to bread, potatoes or meat helps fight the toxicity of those carcinogenic substances that develop at high temperatures, help in case of acne.
Rosemary, scientific name rosmarinus officinalis, is an aromatic plant of the Lamiaceae family, native to the Mediterranean basin but nowadays widespread almost everywhere in the world. Rosemary is proudly displayed in gardens, vegetable gardens and balconies and, when rubbed between the fingers, its needles release a stimulating and fascinating aroma. But rosemary is also a great natural remedy, let's see what science says! Rosemary, properties - Rosemary contains active ingredients that give...
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Wu wei and Principle of non-resistance
What to do when you don't know what decision to make? Or what to do when a problem haunts you and you can't find the solution? Stop and wait for the path to be cleared within you, this teaches Taoism, an ancient philosophy that today more than ever can help you find the well-being of the soul.
If there is silence, let it increase, something will emerge. If there is a storm, let it roar, it will calm down. This is a Taoist saying, expressed more than 2500 years ago by Laozi, a Chinese philosopher considered the father of Taoism. But how can such an ancient saying come to our aid today? Let's try to better understand and deepen how to apply this ancient philosophy to daily life, so that it can help us when we have to make difficult decisions, or when everything seems to oppress us and w...
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Kukicha green tea
Supports the immune system, fights anxiety and stress and high blood pressure, improves cognitive function, anticancer, low in caffeine and therefore lends itself to being drunk even in the afternoon.
Lot of small sticks and twigs, this is kukicha green tea, a very particular Japanese tea that differs from other teas that are in the form of leaves. The aroma of kukicha green tea is sweet and stands out from other Japanese green teas that, on the other hand, have a scent that reminds of freshly picked grass. So let's see the types of kukicha, the properties and the preparation of this particular tea. Kukicha tea, types - Whether it's gyokuro, sencha or kukicha, the plant from which green tea...
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Blends of essential oils to strengthen the immune system and fight cellular degenerations, viruses and bacteria
Some essential oils, if applied through massage or inhaled, are able to reduce anxiety, stress and depression but also to support the immune system in the fight against viruses, bacteria and malignant cells.
Strengthening the immune system means increasing the action of some of its functions that can protect us more effectively from external attacks by pathogenic organisms but also from cells that can show a malignant degeneration. Several plants and spices have proven to be able to support the immune system, some examples are echinacea, garlic and Uncaria tomentosa. However, there are also essential oils able to act by supporting the immune system and putting it in the best conditions to defend the...
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Beauty and nature, lavender baths from ancient times
Lavender baths, an ancient tradition that can be recreated even today, to regenerate body and mind, to soothe sunburn and irritation, to remove tension and stress.
There was a time when the ancient Greeks turned to the Oracle of Delphi to have indications of where to go in order to look for well-being and luck away from the motherland. The destination of these people had become southern Italy, which would soon be called Magna Grecia. Magna Grecia, under the influence of Greek culture, was able to grow and reach incredible levels of splendor. But the Greeks brought not only philosophy, art and impetus to economic and commercial activity, but also beauty hab...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 25, the secrets of the pharaohs
What is more simple and magical than the cosmetics of the ancient Egyptians, worthy of the pharaohs and their queens? Let's discover the properties, preparation and uses of jasmine and rose floral waters and myrrh serum oil against wrinkles, dull skin, stress and headache caused by nervousness.
For the ancient Egyptians body care was a ritual. Preserving beauty and finding happiness was not only a form of respect for oneself but also for the gods. In fact, the ancient Egyptians thought that, on the threshold of the afterlife, the god Osiris asked two questions, the first was if the person had given happiness to others, the second if he had found happiness on earth. This is how every action, even the simplest, at least for us, such as moisturizing the skin or applying a perfume, became ...
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The power of imagination regenerates the brain and boosts the immune system
What can we do when we suddenly become masters of a lot of free time? Maybe we didn't ask for it, it's a situation that is imposed on us but we can certainly take advantage of it and learn again to use the regenerating power that is in our mind, also able to strengthen the immune system. How? With imagination!.
Do you remember when as a child you could play for hours, completely absorbed in building castles, forts, dollhouses? And while brick after brick the building was created or the furniture was placed, the characters came to life in your mind, the story was created and nothing mattered, except the time you were lived in. Over the years, unfortunately, many of us have lost this ability to imagine. The world has become problems, watches, run and how many times is the mind thinking to the next action...
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Tibetan singing bowls
Calming action, help to lower blood pressure and counteract anxiety and stress.
Tibetan singing bowls are a very ancient musical instrument. They look like bronze bowls, although the alloy, with which they are made, can include up to 12 metals, they do not have a clapper but are played using a stick that generates a deep and fascinating sound. Tibetan singing bowls are at the center of numerous scientific studies since it is believed that the vibration generated by them is able to act on mood and anxiety. But let's understand better. Tibetan singing bowls, what science sa...
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Matcha green tea
Vitamins and mineral salts, antioxidant, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, strengthens attention and memory without causing agitation, relaxing and anti-stress, anti-tumor effect.
Matcha is a type of Japanese green tea that is made, like the other varieties of green tea, from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. This tea is considered very valuable and is generally used in tea ceremonies. However, nowadays, the use of matcha is expanding becoming not only a ceremonial drink but also a real super drink. And science has also started to take an interest in matcha, by dedicating numerous studies to this green tea. Let's try to understand the properties of matcha, why it is consid...
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Champaca essential oil
Painkiller, anti inflammatory and relaxing, useful in case of headache, anxiety, stress and rheumatism.
Magnolia champaca, or Michelia champaca, is a type of magnolia characterized by highly scented flowers. And is from the champaca’s flowers that essential oils rich in volatile compounds are extracted, used in the cosmetic industry to produce perfumes and in herbal field for aromatherapy. Champaca essential oil, properties – Champaca essential oil has a warm and fascinating aroma, able to warm up the heart and to bring calm and serenity. In fact, this essential oil relaxes directly the nervous ...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 16, the fragrance of Julius Caesar
How to make the famous telinum, the fragrance also used by Julius Caesar, fresh, energizing but also able to nourish the skin and remove tensions.
Julius Caesar, the renowned Roman leader and politician, in his work the de Bello Gallico speaks of a habit he had, perfuming his body with a particular fragrance called the telinum. Also Pliny the Elder speaks of telinum in his work Naturalis Historia, by explaining that it is an ointment prepared with olive oil in which herbs are macerated, such as fenugreek, marjoram and melilot. A few years ago CNR, the Italian national research council, recreated this ointment with a sweet and slightly pung...
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Siberian fir essential oil
Antimicrobial, anti inflammatory and expectorant, useful in case of cold, sinusitis, flu and sore throat, able to remove tensions and reduce arousal states.
Through steam distillation of the branches of the Siberian fir, scientific name Abies sibirica of the Pinaceae family, a very special essential oil is obtained, able to give freshness and to purify the rooms but also useful to act against stress. In general, it is a well tolerated essential oil, even by skin. Let’s see now how to use it and how to exploit its properties, on the basis of scientific researches. Able to purify the rooms, against cold and flu – This essential oil is anti inflammat...
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Umeboshi plums
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antitumor and able to support the immune system, help to overcome moments of stress and fatigue, protect the stomach and counteract allergies.
The prunum mume, also called the Japanese plum, is a fruit tree halfway between the plum tree and the apricot tree. The plant is native to China and produces fruits that, in shape and appearance, remind of an apricot. The fruits are dried and pickled for several months together with shiso leaves, or Laminaria Purpurea, which gives to the fruits their typical reddish color. After this process the fruits take the name of umeboshi plums. The umeboshi plums are the most common form with which people...
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Cypress essential oil
Antiseptic, antiviral and calming action, useful in case of cough, cold sores, cellulite, varicose veins, acne, oily skin and blackheads, relieves stress and anxiety, helps to fight pollen allergy.
Through steam distillation of branches and cones of cypressus, scientific name Cupressus sempervirens of the Cupressaceae family, an essential oil is obtained with interesting antimicrobial, antiviral and relaxing properties, which we will investigate in detail. But, before this, there are some recommendations. The cypress essential oil should only be used externally, it should not be ingested. Not only that, avoid using this essential oil in pregnancy and in children under the age of 6. Acne,...
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Chakras and yoga
The 7 chakras of traditional Indian medicine are placed along the spine and are associated with the different organs of the human body.
The chakras, based on the ancient writings of the Indian medical tradition, are the centers in which the energy of the body converges. The main chakras, a Sanskrit term meaning wheel, are seven and are located along the spine. According to tradition, they have the task of receiving and distributing vital energy, by ensuring the proper functioning of the body. Each chakra is in fact associated with particular organs and functions, now we’ll see better in detail! The seven chakras - The first ch...
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Citronella essential oil
Antiseptic and astringent action, useful in the case of acne, greasy skin and hair, disinfectant and deodorant able to fight excessive sweating and bad smells, calming and against insomnia, fights cramps and stomach ache, helps against headache, action against candida and anti-mosquito remedy.
Citronella, scientific name Cymbopogon nardus of the Poaceae family, is the classic anti mosquito remedy of summer. But its essential oil, obtained through steam distillation from this herb, is also much more. In fact, it is antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antispasmodic, it purifies and disinfects and also improves the mood. Let's see in detail the properties of this essential oil, which should not be used neither in pregnancy nor on children under 6 years. Skin and hair -...
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Cherries, stones and stems
The stems of the cherries are diuretic, antioxidant and antimicrobial and help in case of cystitis, water retention and cellulite, the cherry stones can be used to make a pillow useful in case of muscle and joint pain, painful menstruation, stress, stiff neck but also distortions and sprains.
Cherries are so delicious, juicy, tasty and healthy, rich in vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidant substances. And the great thing of cherries is that nothing is thrown away, neither the stems nor the stones, both interesting natural remedies! But let's see better in detail. Cherry stems - Cherry stems are highly diuretic and therefore useful in case of water retention and cellulite (Hooman et al, Pak J Pharm Sci, Oct 2009). Moreover, scientific studies (Aires et al, ABP, 2017) have observed...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 11, Rose infused oil worthy of the Gods of Olympus
Rose oil is an excellent massage oil, it is relaxing and analgesic, even in case of back pain during pregnancy, if applied as a serum on face it is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
The palace of the king of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar was decorated with roses whose petals were used to prepare a scented oil. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, roses were the symbol of the goddess of love, Aphrodite or Venus, they represented beauty and joy and the rose infused oil was also well known. About this special and powerful beauty oil spoke Pliny and Homer, who, in the Book XXIII of the Iliad described that Aphrodite applied on Hector's body a rose infused oil to protect him from the an...
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Osmanthus essential oil
Calming and relaxing action, able to bring good mood, counteracts nervous hunger, useful as a cosmetic ingredient thanks to its healing, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action to treat irritated skin, cracked skin or with pimples.
Osmanthus, scientific name Osmanthus fragrans, is a plant belonging to the Oleaceae family cultivated for its ornamental role but, above all, for its flowers, among the ten most known flowers in China. Indeed, the flower of osmanthus is considered so precious that in ancient times it was used only for the high level perfumery and was called the Emperor’s fragrance. From the distillation of this flower a warm and sweet essential oil is obtained, able to bring good mood, to relax but used also as...
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Blood orange essential oil
Calming and relaxing action, useful to counteract acne and oily hair, digestive and carminative action.
Blood orange, scientific name Citrus sinensis, belongs to the family of Rutaceae. From the peel of the fruit an essential oil is extracted with calming and digestive properties and also able to treat skin problems such as acne. Since this essence is photosensitizing avoid, after its application, sun or sunlamps exposure. Let’s see the possible uses. Anxiety, bad mood, nervousness – Scientific studies (Rashidi-Fakari et al, Iran J Nurs Midwifery Res, Nov 2015) have demonstrated that inhaling th...
essential oils
Music, sounds and noise
Nature sounds, white noise and relaxing music, what do they have in common? According to scientific researches they act on body and mind with a relaxing and anxiolytic effect, by reducing the heart rate and anxiety, by improving the learning skills in adults and by helping babies fall asleep faster.
A walk in the woods, in silence, surrounded just by nature sounds, a low chirping, the murmuring of the wind and the babbling brook. Or a cozy room in which a calming and relaxing music is rising. The sounds that surround us aren’t just a background of our actions and life but have a pivotal role on the mood, the concentration and stress. Nature sounds and music for meditation have indeed an anxiolytic effect demonstrated by scientific researches, as we’ll see in the following. Nature sounds –...
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Lemon balm, mother tincture
Sedative and relaxing action, useful before important exams, tests at work or during periods of intense anxiety and stress, helpful in case of heavy periods, nausea, abdominal pain, headaches, insomnia.
Lemon balm, also known as balm, common balm or balm mint, scientific name Melissa officinalis, is a plant of the Lamiaceae family. From the leaves of lemon balm a mother tincture is obtained characterized by a sedative, anxiolytic and antispasmodic action (Scholey et al, Nutrients, Nov 2014), therefore useful in case of anxiety, nervousness, insomnia and before exams at school or university or important tests at work. This remedy may be able, indeed, to mitigate the performance anxiety that thes...
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Mineral salts such as magnesium and iron, powerful antioxidant food with a demonstrated protective action on brain and heart, able to lower blood pressure, counteracts chronic inflammations, improves the mood and has a beneficial action in case of allergies, acts against fat accumulation and to reduce the waistline.
The plant of cocoa, Theobroma cacao, belongs to the family of Sterculiaceae and is native to south America. When the seeds are extracted from the fruits of the tree they are subjected to a multi step process involving fermentation, drying, roasting and grinding in order to obtain, as a final product, the cocoa powder that we can purchase in the shops. A fine, brown and scented powder that is commonly used for cooking, sweets, drinks but also as an ingredient of beauty cosmetics. Let’s see the pr...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 8, lemon balm honey for the Nefertari’s bath
The lemon balm honey, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming properties, is beneficial for wounds, burns, in case of cough, insomnia and stress, it is one of the ingredients of the Nefertari’s bath, relaxing and regenerating.
Nefertari was a queen of Ancient Egypt, the wife of Ramses the Great, who dedicated her a temple that still fascinates all the people who have the opportunity to admire it, majestic and timeless, able to defy the centuries and the works of humans, Abu Simbel, set in the southernmost part of Egypt, in Aswan. Nefertari was much loved by Ramses and, as they say, also very beautiful and she took care of her beauty with ointments, creams and baths. Between history and legend, today we take inspiratio...
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Pranayama are breathing techniques of yoga that have important benefits on the mind, by calming and removing the anxiety, and on the body, for example help to normalize the breath, are useful in case of asthma, lower blood pressure and counteract headaches and migraines.
Yoga is an ancient discipline, born thousands of years ago in India with the aim to restore and maintain balance and health of mind, body and emotions. We are witnessing a great spread of yoga all over the world and this thanks to the numerous scientific researches that are demonstrating its effectiveness as an aid to control stress and chronic inflammation in the body, which, as we have seen in several posts, can cause in the long run cardiovascular or autoimmune diseases, depression and even t...
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Yarrow essential oil
Powerful essential oil to treat skin problems such as irritations, pimples, eczema, psoriasis or wrinkles, useful against cramps and stress.
Yarrow or common yarrow, scientific name Achillea millefolium, is a medicinal plant belonging to the family of Asteraceae. Its name comes from Achilles that, according to the myth, used this plant on advice of the centaur Chiron to heal the war wounds. From this plant an essential oil is obtained with important and well appreciated anti inflammatory and soothing properties, useful to treat different problems of the skin, and characterized also by an antispasmodic effect, able to give relief in c...
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Warming essential oil blend
Counteract the first cold days with the warming essential oils, here for you a special blend that you can create by yourself at home.
Rain, wind and cold, autumn is coming with the sensation to feel chill also in the bones. Hot herbal teas and high-energy foods are helpful but an aid may come also from the essential oils. Today we will see how to create by ourselves a special essential oil blend in order to diffuse in the rooms of houses or offices sweet, scented and warming notes, able to counteract the chill sensation and to make us feel comfortable, at peace and protect. Let’s see how to prepare a warming essential oil ble...
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