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Slow Cosmetique, let’s prepare the skin for the sun Part 1, scrubs and vitamins
Slow Cosmetique is a movement born in Belgium with the aim to bring the attention again on skin and its real needs by saying stop to face creams, serums and other types of lotions that include a too long list of ingredients, often dangerous and irritating and without any real beneficial effects. In previous posts we have spoken a lot about the tips of Slow Cosmetique, for what concerns the cleaning and nourishing of skin, the hair treatment and the methods against acne, dark spots and eye bags. ...
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Kumkumadi Tailam
Today we speak about an amazing plant based oil of the ancient Ayurveda tradition, Kumkumadi Tailam, that you can easily found in herbalist’s shops and online and use to improve the skin appearance, to counteract acne and wrinkles and to attenuate eye bags and dark circles. The word kumkumadi means in Sanskrit saffron, that is also the main ingredient of this beauty lotion. Kumkumadi is prepared by leaving to brew, in boiling water, different herbs such as licorice, vetiver, red sandalwood, lotu...
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Beauty cosmetics? Now they are supplements, Part 2 zinc and astaxanthin
Against wrinkles, acne and dull skin we can do a lot not only with face and body creams and natural remedies but also with diet and supplements. The scientists (Vollmer et al, Int J Mol Sci, Oct 2018) are focusing their attention now on the protective and repairing effects on the skin of some substances that act from the inside once they are introduced in the body through diet or supplements. In the previous post we have seen the benefits, if some precautions are used, of collagen and beta carot...
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Beauty cosmetics? Now they are supplements, Part 1 collagen and beta carotene
Cosmetics have very ancient origin and arise from the need to protect the body and guarantee hygiene. You should think, for example, to ancient Egyptians who used eye makeup to protect the eyes from the infections due to warm weather. Over time cosmetics have changed and their main result has become the aesthetics, however, in the last years, scientists are focusing their attention to the connection between body health and skin. In particular, the latest frontiers in cosmetics are paving the way...
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Sea buckthorn oil, cosmetic use
From the fruits of the sea buckthorn, scientific name Hippophae rhamnoides, it is possible to obtain, through cold pressing, an oil with interesting cosmetic properties for the beauty of the skin that becomes healthy and luminous. This oil, according to scientific studies, (Zielinska et al, Lipids Health Dis, May 2017), is rich indeed in vitamin C, group B, carotenoids, polyphenols, tocopherol or vitamin E, highly antioxidant, and unsaturated fatty acids such as palmitoleic acid, a type of omega...
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Sesame oil, for external use
Sesame oil is extracted from the seeds of sesame, scientific name Sesamum indicum, whose particular and sweet taste is preserved in the oil. This plant based oil is well known and appreciated in the Ayurveda for applications on skin, hair and teeth so much that, from the Indian word that indicates the massage made with sesame oil, champo, comes our word shampoo. Sesame oil is also rich in vitamins, such as A, E and group B, and is characterized by antioxidant properties that prevent the oil fro...
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Viola odorata
Viola odorata, commonly known as sweet violet, common violet or garden violet, is a small perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Violaceae family. For the ancients, besides the fact that it was a sacred flower, violet was also very appreciated as a remedy able to treat headache caused by a very rich meal. Nowadays common violet can be used to soothe cough, both the cough of seasonal illnesses and the cough of the smokers, to treat inflammations and stomach irritations. It has also a laxativ...
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Rice bran oil
The rice bran oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from the seed of the rice plant. This type of oil has interesting beneficial properties for the body, indeed it’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins, including E, and has anti-inflammatory, hypocholesterolemic and anti-aging effects. Scientific studies, such as the work published in 1980 on the journal Endocrinologia japonica, have highlighted the ability of rice bran oil to balance thyroid hormones in case of hypothyroidism. In addition to this...
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Red currant
Red currant berries and red currant roots have both healthy properties. Berries – The fruits of red currant contain vitamin A, B, C and K and mineral salts such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper. You can eat the fruits, the jelly or drink the juice. Red currant is refreshing and laxative, it is able to stimulate digestion. In addition to this it is able to purify the body from toxins, for this reason red currant can be used in case of rheumatism, gout, inflammations of the urinar...
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