Teeth care, natural remedies

Teeth care, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Vitamin C
Antioxidant action against free radicals, helpful to keep under control the levels of blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure with benefits on the cardiovascular system, able to keep under control the body weight, support for the immune system, able to promote the production of collagen for the health of skin, bones, teeth and cartilages.
Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is an essential substance to life, it is water-soluble and should be introduced in our body with diet or through supplements because the body isn’t able to produce it. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, according to scientific studies (Vojdani et al, Cancer Detect Prev, 2000 or Padayatty et al, J Am Coll Nutr, 2003), supports immune system and protects the cells from the dangerous action of the free radicals. Vitamin C is able to lower the blood pressure by promoti...
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Oil pulling
Detox action, able to counteract plaque formation, cavities and results useful in case of inflammations of the gums, headache, migraines, eczema, dermatitis, stomach pain, intestinal pain, able to strengthen teeth and gums, reduces gum bleeding.
The Russian doctor F. Karach presented for the first time to the Western world the oil pulling technique, the method of Ayurveda able to strengthen the teeth, the gums and the jaw, improves the health of the oral cavity and rejuvenates the skin. Although the oil pulling has been known in India for centuries, its diffusion in other countries is due to dr. Karach, which, in the ‘90s, described the oil pulling during a meeting of oncologists and experts in bacteriology of the Russian Academy of sci...
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Sesame oil, for external use
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties, useful to make the skin tonic and elastic, anti-wrinkles, able to soothe skin redness, sunburns, eczema, useful against fungus infections, for glossy and healthy hair, acts against dandruff, able to strengthen the gums, protective action for the health of teeth, against bad breath because it is useful to remove toxins and bacteria inside the oral cavity when it is used to rinse the mouth.
Sesame oil is extracted from the seeds of sesame, scientific name Sesamum indicum, whose particular and sweet taste is preserved in the oil. This plant based oil is well known and appreciated in the Ayurveda for applications on skin, hair and teeth so much that, from the Indian word that indicates the massage made with sesame oil, champo, comes our word shampoo. Sesame oil is also rich in vitamins, such as A, E and group B, and is characterized by antioxidant properties that prevent the oil fro...
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Coconut oil
For cosmetic use, antioxidant, soothing, antiseptic and nourishing properties, useful to treat dry skin, eczema, itching, cellulite, helpful also for the beauty of the hair that makes luminous and protects if damaged by protein loss, against dandruff, can be used as a toothpaste, acts as a teeth whitener, against dental plaque formation and cavity.
Coconut oil is an oil obtained through cold pressing of the dry pulp of the coconut. This oil is solid at temperatures below 25°C and is rapidly growing in popularity thanks to its particular properties. We don’t speak about the possible use of coconut oil for cooking, this use is indeed still very debated and there are different opinions about its safety, some people think that coconut oil can cause an increasing in LDL cholesterol levels, on the contrary other people are sure that the content ...
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White mulberry
Rich in vitamins, proteins and iron, important in case of anemia, antibacterial action against dental caries, able to lower blood sugar, useful to lose weight.
Fruit – White mulberry fruits are rich in fiber, proteins, tannins, vitamins, like vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, and iron. For the last property these fruits can be very helpful in case of anemia. Moreover, according to scientific studies, white mulberry fruits have also an antibacterial action that can be important to prevent dental caries. Tablets – Scientific studies have demonstrated that the white mulberry extract is able to lower the level of blood sugar, for this reason white m...
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Chia seeds
Useful for health of teeth and bones, can help control sugar in blood, valid remedy in case of high cholesterol, can control body weight and against abdominal fat..
Chia seeds are small dark seeds from Central and South America. Chia seeds are rich in calcium, for this reason they are very important for the health of teeth and bones, and contain also vitamin C, iron and potassium. Chia seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acids, too. As a consequence, chia seeds are able to control the cholesterol in blood, by lowering bad cholesterol and at the same time by increasing good cholesterol. According to recent studies, chia seeds are also able to stabilize the quantity...
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Green tea
Help to control the level of sugar in blood, remedy in case of overweigh, huge quantity of antioxidants, helpful in case of cystitis and other diseases of the urinary tract, helpful to prevent dental caries and to mineralize the bones, protect skin from sun damages, anti-wrinkles.
Green tea, especially if it comes from Japan, is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, in particular vitamin C, group B, E and K, and minerals, such as fluorine, potassium and magnesium. The antioxidants neutralize the free radicals that cause the aging process of cells and the minerals are important for the care of the teeth, to prevent the formation of dental caries and for bone mineralization in menopause. A lot of studies confirm that green tea is able to control the level of sugar in blood and ...
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