Toothache, natural remedies

Toothache, let's see the main natural remedies and healthy tips
Digestive properties, remedy in case of poor digestion, sour stomach, bloating and hiccups, antiseptic action useful for toothache, sore throat and, more in general, inflammations of the mouth, appetite stimulant, diuretic action, helpful in case of gout and rheumatism, water retention.
Tarragon, scientific name Artemisia dracunculus, also called estragon, is an aromatic plant of the Asteraceae family. Tarragon is a remedy to stimulate appetite in cases of loss of appetite, fatigue, convalescence or weakness, it aids digestion and is helpful in case of sour stomach and abdominal bloating. Another property of tarragon is that it is a diuretic, for this reason the plant results a help in case of rheumatism, gout, water retention, difficulty urinating or problems related to kidney...
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Boosts the immune system, digestive properties, remedy for stomach cramps, antiseptic and antibacterial action, powerful remedy for acne, pimples, wounds but also bruises, helpful to treat toothache and sore throat.
Thyme is an aromatic plant that has tonic properties for the body, therefore it is ideal in case of tiredness or exhaustion, it strengthens the immune system and has a digestive and antispasmodic effect in case of stomach cramps. Thyme has also a diuretic effect, thus it is a remedy in case of water retention, rheumatism and gout. This aromatic plant helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as colds, bronchitis and cough. For external use thyme can be applied on bruises or sprains and...
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Ivy climbing
Painkiller, remedy in case of all types of pain, anti- cellulite, it helps to make the skin elastic and healthy, shiny hair, remedy for toothache and tooth decay.
The ivy climbing must be used for external application, indeed, if used internally, in large doses, it can cause poisoning. This plant has anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite, anesthetic and pain killer properties. Ivy climbing can be used in case of pains, that calms, rheumatism and burns. You can use ivy climbing for a toothache, but also for ears ache or sore throat. This plant helps also in case of cellulite, by fighting fat, gives elasticity to the skin and reduces swelling of the ankles by i...
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Garden cress
Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, antianemic, febrifuge, diuretic, detox prperties, helpful in case of high level of blood sugar, remedy in case of acne, hair loss, neuralgias and toothache.
The garden cress belongs to the Brassicaceae, it is rich in vitamin C, PP, B2 and E and mineral salts such as iron, phosphorus, manganese and calcium. Cress has a powerful detox action, it has diuretic, digestive and febrifuge properties. Because of the high level of iron cress is also antianemic. In addition to this cress is a remedy in case of acne, diabetes, because it is able to lower the level of sugar in blood, neuralgias, toothache and hair loss. You can take cress in the following ways...
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Against stress, remedy in case of bellyache, stomach pain, diarrhea, flatulence, painful menstruation, useful in case of migraines and neuralgias, able to heal wounds, skin irritations, remedy in case of toothache, can lighten and strengthen hair, useful in case of conjunctivitis and inflammations of eyelid.
Chamomile is a well known natural remedy. There are different types of chamomile but the most used are common chamomile and Roman chamomile, with very similar properties but Roman chamomile is very rich in essential oils. Let’s see the possible applications of chamomile. Herbal tea – In case of stress, stomach pain, bellyache, diarrhea, flatulence but also painful menstruation you can try the chamomile herbal tea. Boil water, then remove it from heat and leave to brew one tablespoon of dry cha...
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Painkiller in case of toothache, help digestion.
In case of toothache, waiting for the dentist appointment, you can chew a clove near the sore tooth, this should ease the pain. In case of poor digestion boil a cup of water, then when it boils remove from heat and add 5 cloves, infuse for 5 minutes, filter and drink....
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Sore throat, toothache, aphthae, acne, hormonal imbalance.
As herbal tea – In case of sore throat, toothache and aphthae prepare a herbal tea with sage and chamomile against inflammation. Boil 250 ml of water, then low the heat and add one tablespoon of chamomile flowers and one tablespoon of dried sage. Cover and let boil for 10 minutes, remove from heat and filter. DO NOT DRINK, this herbal tea is used to gargle and mouth rinse but it should not be drunk. Mother tincture –In case of acne localized on the chin or for hormonal imbalance you can take...
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