Absinthe essential oil

Decongestant action, stimulant for the blood circulation, useful for swollen and heavy legs, varicose veins.
Absinthe, or wormwood, essential oil is obtained from the plant Artemisia absinthium, belonging to the family of Asteraceae. Thanks to the bitter and aromatic taste the plant of absinthe is famous as an ingredient for liquors while its essential oil, obtained through steam distillation, helps improve blood circulation. It has a decongestant action and can be applied on heavy legs, swollen legs and varicose veins. Mix a tablespoon of a plant based oil, such as extra virgin olive oil or wheat germ oil, and ten drops of absinthe essential oil, keep this lotion in the fridge for some hours and apply on the legs with massages from the bottom to the top. Don’t use this oil during pregnancy because of the demonstrated abortion effect. Don’t diffuse in the room and don’t take it by mouth, in fact this essential oil at a high dosage is neurotoxic.
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