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Angelica essential oil

Angelica essential oil

October 27, 2017
Antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action, useful in case of rheumatism and muscle pain, menstrual cramps, sea and car sickness, purifying action, useful in case of depression, low self-confidence, when you feel blue
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Angelica, scientific name Angelica archangelica, is a plant belonging to the family of Apiaceae. From its roots an essential oil with antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties is obtained, useful for the health of the nervous system, for digestion and in case of muscle and joint pain. Avoid this essential oil if you suffer from epilepsy or seizures, in addition to this it is photosensitizing, for this reason don’t use it before sun or sunlamps exposure. Don’t use during pregnancy or breastfeeding and in children, for what concerns the internal use avoid in case of ulcer or diabetes.

Rheumatism and muscle pain

Add 2-3 drops of angelica essential oil to a tablespoon of sweet almond oil or wheat germ oil. In this way, you’ll obtain a lotion that you can apply to massage the part in case of rheumatism or muscle pain.

Purifying action

Angelica essential oil has a purifying action by promoting the removal of toxins, in addition to this it is able to stimulate the body defenses. You can prepare a bath by adding ten drops of essential oil.

Colitis, menstrual cramps, problems of stomach

This essential oil has antispasmodic properties, it is able to stimulate the appetite and the digestion, useful in case of colitis, menstrual cramps and sea or car sickness. In this last case you can pour a drop on a handkerchief and breathe the essential oil when it is needed. For what concerns menstrual cramps or poor digestion you can add a drop of essential oil to a teaspoon of honey or a cup of a herbal tea you like and take in this way the essential oil.


Angelica essential oil acts against depression, it is able to revitalize, useful if you feel blue or if you have a low self-confidence. It may also be helpful in case of self -destructive behavior. You can diffuse the essential oil in the room, 1 drop each square meter

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