Benzoin essential oil

Helps in case of stress, anxiety, depression, it has tonic and energetic action after illnesses, against respiratory infections, helpful in case of inflammation and irritation of the skin but also in case of wounds.
Benzoin essential oil is derived from a plant, the Sitrax benzoin, and it has balsamic, antioxidant and tonifying properties.

In case of anxiety or after illnesses

Against anxiety and moodiness, but also against stress, fears or after illnesses, benzoin essential oil helps to ease tensions, it is a balancing, it brightens the mood and it allows you to boost your energy and vitality. It helps to ease the nervous tics. You can spread one drop per square meter in the room or inhale two drops from a handkerchief.

Respiratory diseases

In case of colds, respiratory congestion, sinusitis, headache, laryngitis, flu, cough and bronchitis the anti-inflammatory and balsamic properties of the benzoin essential oil can help. You can easily prepare inhalations with 5 drops of essential oil of benzoin, add them to a pan of boiling water and inhale the steam. You can also try with local massages with the oil of benzoin.

Healing and for skin problems

In case of cracking, ulcerations, burns but also cold sores, psoriasis and in general skin irritations and inflammations you can mix 10 drops of benzoin essential oil to a cream or to 100 ml of helichrysum oil and apply on the part.
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