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Black pepper essential oil

Black pepper essential oil

March 31, 2017
Analgesic, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, helpful to relieve muscle and joint pain, against rheumatism, remedy in case of cold, flu and other diseases of the respiratory tract, sore throat, against the formation of intestinal gas, promotes the production of gastric juices, helpful for concentration and mental activity
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From distillation of the berries of Piper nigrum the black pepper essential oil is obtained, it has analgesic, digestive, antimicrobial and tonic properties, it helps in case of water retention and in case of joint and muscle pain. Unlike the spice, the black pepper essential oil is not spicy but it is better to avoid using it on swollen and warm parts, with capillaries and on chapped or damaged skin, use it always in small amounts and dilute it.

Joint and muscle pain, rigidity of ligaments, problems of blood circulation

In case of joint pain, rigid joints, muscle pain but also cellulite, cold legs and problems related to blood circulation you can massage the part with a mixture obtained with 5 drops of black pepper essential oil and 50 ml of sweet almond essential oil. This essential oil results helpful also for sporting people because it is able to stimulate the muscles. Black pepper essential oil has also a heating and tonic action, it helps remove toxins.

Cold, flu, pharyngitis, diseases of the respiratory tract

In case of recurrent colds it can be helpful to diffuse the black pepper essential oil in the room. Alternatively, you can prepare steam inhalation by pouring, in a basin full of hot water, one drop of black pepper essential oil, 2 drops of pine essential oil and 2 drops of myrrh essential oil. You can use black pepper essential oil also for gargling, in case of sore throat indeed try to dilute 3 drops of black pepper essential oil in a glass of water, mix with a spoon then gargle.

Meteorism, poor digestion

You can add 2-3 drops of black pepper essential to your dishes, this will promote the production of gastric juices. Black pepper essential oil helps also reduce the gas formation and intestinal fermentations.

Emotional part

Black pepper essential oil promotes the mental activity, improves concentration but it is also useful to spur into action by reducing fear that can block us. Helpful in order to stimulate any change, you can diffuse it in the room with an oil burner.

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