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Cajeput essential oil

May 12, 2017
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Cajeput essential oil

Antiseptic, expectorant and balsamic properties, useful against the infections of the respiratory tract such as cold, bronchitis, cough, sinusitis, but also of the urinary tract like cystitis and urethritis, remedy against insects, mosquitos and pests, painkilling action in case of muscle pain, neuralgias, rheumatism and arthritis, useful in case of acne or psoriasis, strengthening action, suitable for those people who have problems in communications and relation

Like the Tea Tree also the cajeput tree, scientific name Melaleuca leucadendra, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The plant belongs to the Mirtaceae family, it grows in Australia, India and Indonesia and in Malaysian language its name means “white wood” because of the color of the bark, the scent is very similar to that of eucalyptus. From the leaves of this plant an essential oil is obtained through steam distillation. The cajeput essential oil, thanks to its properties, is used to treat problems of the respiratory tract such as cold, bronchitis, cough, sinusitis and laryngitis but also problems of the urinary tract such as cystitis or urethritis and problems related to the skin such as acne or psoriasis. It is worth noting also the action of the essential oil against plant pests and insects. Ask always your doctor for advice for a safe use of the cajeput essential oil during pregnancy. Let’s see the main uses of the cajeput essential oil.

Cold, sinusitis, otitis, cystitis, acne, psoriasis

In case of problems of the respiratory tract it can be helpful to prepare steam inhalation by adding to the boiling water 5 drops of cajeput essential oil, alternatively it is possible to diffuse the aroma with an oil burner, 5 drops are enough, this will help to disinfect the room. In case of otitis pour 1-2 drops of essential oil on a piece of cotton and insert it in the ear. Against cough, bronchitis and catarrh try to mix 5 drops of essential oil in a neutral cream and massage on the chest. In case of cystitis preparing a sitz bath by adding 10 drops of cajeput essential oil in a basin of hot water can be useful. The antiseptic and soothing properties of this essential oil are also helpful to treat a wide range of skin problems such as acne, oily skin, blackheads, insect bites and psoriasis. In this case the cajeput essential oil should not be used pure on the skin but always mixed. You can add 3-4 drops to your daily face cream or to a tablespoon full of vegetable oil and massage it on the body.

Insects and plant pests

Cajeput essential oil has an action against pests and can be sprayed on the plants in order to remove them, you should pour a few drops of essential oil in water, mix well and then spray. Against insects it is also possible to add 5 drops in the oil burner.

Rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgias

Thanks to the painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties you can use the cajeput essential oil to soothe rheumatism, arthritis, muscle pain but also neuralgias. Try to massage the part in this way, mix two tablespoons of sweet almond oil and 10 drops of cajpeut essential oil and apply with slow movements.

Emotional sphere

You can diffuse the cajeput essential oil in the room by using an oil burner, 5 drops of the essential oil. This improves the concentration on ourselves and the determination, it strengthens and results useful for those who have problems in communications and relations.

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